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Zion y Lennox talk ‘Pierdo la Cabeza’ and ‘Motivan2’ tour

Zion y Lennox are currently promoting their single "Pierdo la Cabeza"

Zion y Lennox, the hit Reggaeton duo from Puerto Rico, stopped in Miami on the first leg of their U.S. Motivan2 tour. The Reggaeton singers have been performing together for more than a decade and are now working on a series of new projects, including a few surprise collaborations as well as concert appearances in SBS Entertainment’s Miami Bash 2015 and Mega Mezcla 2015 in New York.
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Zion y Lennox have also been touring heavily in their homeland and recently performed in “El Coliseo de Puerto Rico” to more than 20,000 screaming fans. “La Z y la L” have also traveled to Central and South America and have been performing extensively in a variety of different countries in promotion of their latest hit single “Pierdo la Cabeza”.


Zion y Lennox's "Motivan2" album drops sometime this summer. (Instagram Zion y Lennox)

Zion y Lennox’s “Motivan2” album drops sometime this summer. (Instagram Zion y Lennox)


“Pierdo la Cabeza” has been playing on radio air waves all across the U.S. in cities like Miami, New York and L.A. and has already started to top several music charts.
“We’re feeling really good and really proud of all the love that people have given us,” said Lennox.
“We’ve been working hard promoting this new single, ‘Pierdo la Cabeza’!”
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“P-I-E-R-D-O!” teases Zion, joking about Lennox’s slight accent.
“We’ve been really blessed and it’s such a great feeling, we’re really happy and just working to take this song [Pierdo la Cabeza] to the next level,” said Zion.
Despite seeming to be more unified than ever in their careers, Zion y Lennox did take a short break a couple of years back to work on solo projects.
Zion worked with singer Akon on a few songs in English and Lennox teamed up with Reggaeton star Arcangel to produce a few singles as well. But now Zion y Lennox is back, bigger and stronger.
“When we work together, we have a certain type of magic,” said Zion. “It’s the melding of our two voices, the dynamic and chemistry that we have….Zion y Lennox…there’s nothing out there like us.”
And while many other Reggaeton duos in the Urban music industry opt to pen songs about drugs or money, Zion y Lennox stick to the topic they claim to know best: Love.
And why is that?
“Because that’s what we do, we’re always motivating all the girls!” said Lennox. “Yeah, just spread the love!” chimes in Zion.
The two have no qualms about admitting that they consider themselves modern day Romeos.
“I mean we might be,” laughs Zion. “I’m the Romeo!” said Lennox, who also said the idea of a modern day Romeo was inspiration for a song he worked on with Daddy Yankee.
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Even so, the Latino lover boys have little time for personal relationships these days. They’re all caught up with the Motivan2 tour and traveling to more cities than they can count on two hands.

Zion y Lennox are currently promoting their single "Pierdo la Cabeza"

Reggaeton duo, Zion y Lennox, spoke to PPL reporter Daysi Calavia-Robertson about “Pierdo la Cabeza” and their “Motivan2” tour. (Video Still PPL)


“We love being on tour because we’re able to hang out and be with our crew and just have fun,” explains Zion. “The times we’re traveling, or eating….you know, besides the time that we’re on stage because that’s the best part of everything…when we have the most adrenaline inside us and we’re most in sync.”
Zion admits, however, that his least favorite part of being on tour is traveling by plane.
“I love everything!” said Lennox. “I love Colombia, Ecuador, all the places that we perform and all our fans.”
Zion y Lennox’s Motivan2 album will drop this summer. We’ll keep you posted about any further details about Zion y Lennox, their music and upcoming projects.


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