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Could World Cup in Brazil be Most Expensive Ever?

The Brazil Mural shows the hardships Brazilian citizens are going through. Certain citizens have been evicted from their homes.

After all is said and done, the last pieces of the stadiums are put into place and the last road has been built, the World Cup in Brazil will be the most expensive World Cup to date.

The Brazilian government estimates they will have spent at least 11 billion dollars to host 64 games for the 32 best soccer teams in the world.

An estimate that’s roughly triple the amount spent by South Africa in 2010 (4 billion) and seven times as much as Germany spent in 2006 (1.6 billion).

World Cup Brazil is costing Brazilians 11 million dollars

World Cup is costing Brazil 11 billion dollars in infrastructure and protests have begun because of money mismanagement (screengrab)

Why is hosting the World Cup making Brazil shell out so much money?

Well, the answer is simple and can be summarized in one word “infrastructure”.  Brazil’s lack of it, that is.

Brazil’s main issue is spacing and the fact that the country plans to host games in 12 different cities, some of them thousands of miles apart.

So, the investment has weighed heavy on infrastructure (this includes trains, hotels, stadiums).

Germany didn’t spend as much money when it hosted the World Cup because it already had the proper infrastructure to host hundreds of thousands of people and South Africa while it was not as set as Germany, was dealing with much smaller venues.

Of the 11 billion, 32 percent or 3.5 billion has been put into building soccer stadiums. Six of the stadiums are being refurbished, another six are brand new, including the 900 million dollar “Estadio Nacional” in Brasilia which is the second most expensive soccer stadium in the world.

This stadium is becoming the scapegoat for those who blame the government for out of control spending and mismanagement.

According to Fox News, while the stadiums are becoming commonplace for political corruption, 68 percent of the money or 7.5 billion has been invested into infrastructure projects like renovating airports, roads, and improving mass transit options. Other projects have failed, like the one of building a connecting monorail to Sao Paulo.

Fans trying to get tickets at the last minute better have a hefty trust fund because that’s what it’s going to take to get a ticket.

Tickets began at $15 for Brazilians and for international fans group match games began at $90. However, third-party sites like Stub Hub are now reselling tickets for five times that amount. Currently, a group match ticket is reselling for an average price of $553.

The championship match will also cost a pretty penny with starting prices at a whopping $6,000.


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