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Wiper app solves drunk texting dramas

a new app helps you erase unwanted messages from your cell phone.

It’s Saturday night and you’re pounding down drinks to relieve your stressed out mind. You’ve had it with of all the work you had to do during the week. Your vision starts to blur and your mood starts to mimic the motions of a roller coaster.  All of a sudden you have a bright idea! And this is where the drunk texts start.

How many times has this scenario played out in your life? One time too many huh?

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Well, you’re in luck. An app called Wiper, developed by Manilio Carrelli earlier this year, has recently provided the public with the proverbial rewind button.

It allows users to delete entire conversations and remove them from the phone histories of both parties involved. If the person you’re talking to decides to be sneaky and share the conversation with someone else, Wiper will snitch on them.

The Wiper app will alert you and block the other person from sharing the conversation. Wiper will also delete all traces of said conversation from the company’s servers.

“What always frustrated us was that you didn’t always have control or visibility into how long your service providers keep your information,” said Carrelli. “You often don’t know how long your service provider keep it, and you have zero control over deleting it.”

This is an interesting feature considering that majority of the lines between our public and private lives have been slowly eroding with the influx of technology in our day to day lives.

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“I have done a lot of regretful things while being under the influence of alcohol. If I had a chance to take it back I would if I had the option,” said Robert Lilly, 24, a Latino of Puerto Rican descent. “This app sounds like it can save you a lot of trouble by just deleting those texts.”

However, in order to successfully delete your conversation you have to make sure to be using the Wiper app, otherwise you’ll have no control over what happens to your message or that picture that you thought you looked really cute in but in reality you didn’t…you just didn’t. Yeah, wiper that!

The Wiper app is available for download for all iOS and android devices and the features are very as user-friendly as the beloved WhatsApp app so giving Wiper a try is a no-brainer.

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