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Want to smell like Sofia Vergara? Now, you can.

Sofia Vergara debuts her new fragrance Sofia.

Sofia Vergara debuts her first signature fragrance Sofia on the Home Shopping Network Thursday, April 24th at midnight. (Courtesy Photo)

Want to smell like Sofia Vergara? Now, you can.

Vergara’s first fragrance is debuting Thursday, April 24th at midnight on the Home Shopping Network but won’t hit retail stores until September.

The “Modern Family” funny gal drew inspiration from her South American homeland, Colombia, to select aromas for her new perfume.

“Sofia by Sofia Vergara” possesses a light oriental, floral scent with “notes like Colombian rose and orchid”, while intertwining earthy vanilla and blackberry.

The perfume’s tag line is very fitting for the Hollywood icon and encourages women to “feel irresistible”.

From the perfume’s aroma to the elegant design of the fragrance’s bottle – Sofia by Sofia Vergara – was definitely dreamed up with the starlet’s signature attributes in mind.

The shape of the bottle was modeled after Colombia’s national gem stone – the emerald.

Vergara’s red carpet style and her classic femininity were also traits which were intended to be reflected by the brilliance, soft blush and metallic hues on the body of the bottle.

Vergara joins a select group of Latino celebrities which have also debuted signature fragrances, including Spanish actor Antonio Banderas, the multi-talented Boricua, Jennifer Lopez and Mexican actress Salma Hayek.

Want to get your hands on Sofia by Sofia Vergara but you can’t wait till September?

Check it out on HSN or stay tuned for PressPassLatino’s fragrance giveaway.


Sofia by Sofia Vergara debuts on HSN on Thursday, April 24th.

Want to test out Sofia by Sofia Vergara? Stay tuned for our fragrance giveaway. (Courtesy Photo)


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