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Want to go for a Magical ride? Then Magical Butter has the stuff for you

The Magical Butter Food truck that sells pot infused food items
Magical Butter Food truck

Magical Butter food truck with crowd of people experiencing the new food delights. (www.420times.com)

With the recent legalization of Marijuana in Colorado and Washington it seems like pot-infused treats seem to be popping up everywhere.

So the recent addition of a Magical Butter food truck surfacing on the streets of Washington, was bound to happen.

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Magical Butter, according to foxnews.com, is a Seattle based company that makes botanical extractor that turns raw cannabis into a substance that can be infused into food and beverages.

Basically the MB2 botanical extractor pulls nutrients out of plants so that you can inject it into butter, cooking oils, alcohol, and lotions.


The bake bus is the first legalized marijuana food truck that puts out “four star food items” but laced with the sticky green stuff. It first appeared on 4/20 at the U.S. Cannabis Cup in Denver.  4/20 was the chosen date because that day is widely recognized as National weed day.

Known officially as the SAMICH Truck ( Savory Accessible Marijuana Infused Culinary Happiness) it can be easily spotted since it is painted bright pink with its official large green mascot.

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Executive chefs Joey Galeano and Jeremy Cooper will be pumping out more than the usual munchies like brownies and cookies but instead will have a rotating menu of delicious “marijuana friendly” treats such as, grilled cheese, tomato soup, and sandwiches.

Every item sold on the truck will be made using the “MB2” device and contain between 30-100 mg of THC (the active ingredient in marijuana).

Sandwiches like the sunbutter sandwich contain ingredients such as sunflower seeds, almonds, peanuts, and MCT cannabis oil to give it a perfect creamy consistency.

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The sandwhich also includes what Joey Galeano describes as a “trinity jam” that contains blueberries, raspberries, and pomegranate medicated with an essential MagicalButter tincture.

Joey Galeano told foxnews.com, “Cooking with cannabis in comparison to other herbs is far more challenging.” “The challenge comes from properly dosing each ingredient with a delicate balance between taste and potency.”

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The company envisions one day having a fleet of trucks that will hit place like Tampa, San Diego, and Toronto. Hopefully it’s rolling to place near you soon.








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