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Veronica Osorio talks “Hail, Ceasar!”, working with Coen Brothers

Veronica Osorio gave life to Carlota in "Hail, Caesar!".


Press Pass Latino reporter Jana on Camera spoke to actress Veronica Osorio, who starred as “Carlota” in Coen Brothers’ production “Hail, Caesar!” which is now available on Blu-ray, DVD and On Demand. Osorio, was born in Jacksonville, Florida, to Italian-Venezuelan parents and grew up in Caracas, where she became a professional theater and circus actress.


“Hail, Caesar!” which also stars George Clooney,  Channing Tatum, Scarlett Johansson, Jonah Hill, Josh Brolin, Tilda Swinton, Ralph Fiennes, Alden Ehrenreich, and Frances McDormand, tells the story of the world’s biggest movie star and what happens when he suddenly goes missing and it’s up to the a studio fixer to rescue him.


Osorio, who now works and lives between Los Angeles and New York, opened up about working with the Coen Brothers, what she did to prepare for the role of “Carlota”, and what readers can see her in next.


PPL: How did you prepare for the role of “Carlota” in “Hail, Caesar!”?


Veronica Osorio: “First, I had to do the audition and they [casting directors] told me that the inspiration for this character was Brazilian actress Carmen Miranda. I was already familiar with her because she was a Latina and she is part of our history. Even so, I studied her… what she is like, her voice, her acting, basically that was my preparation. Then, I had to work on my Latino accents and my 1950s accent, which is very different. Then there were the specifics of the scene… what is her style, what is her dynamic, etc. all things which are a part of  traditional acting preparation.


PPL: What was it like being directed by the Coen Brothers?


Veronica Osorio: “They are awesome! I came from the comedy world so I do a lot of quick internet videos, I write my own stuff, very much like indie films…very indie, if you will. And working with them, I thought I was working with the same kind of relax vibe of an indie director, but they are in THAT level. There was a lot of laughter on set. There were times they would say “cut” and would start laughing at something I did. There were no reservations and if I did something funny then they would come to me and say “It was so funny, leave it” or ask “Did you want to improvise here?” Not the lines per se, but the reactions. They let me really play… You know, they have everything planned and let you really be an actor which is the dream of any actor… like a said they are amazing.”


PPL:  Did you have a chance to interact with George Clooney at all?


Veronica Osorio:  “No, I didn’t. I actually met him at the premiere and it was cool because, I thought he is George Clooney and I’m not going to bother him. But we made eye contact and he turned to me and said “You are Carlota! Come here” and he introduced me to his wife.

He told me  “I love the way you laugh in the scene, it’s so natural and it’s a hard thing to do”, and I said, “I love you in everything.”

He is a very gracious and nice man. It was very nice to meet him. He is everything you expected in a movie star.”


PPL: How was it working with Alden Ehrenreich?


Veronica Osorio: “When I was on my way to do my characters read, they said I was going to work with him and I didn’t know him personally. So, I researched him online to find an audition or anything he’d done. And the second we met, I was like “We are going to be friends forever”. We still are really close. He is very talented.”


PPL: Are you working on any new projects right now?


Veronica Osorio: “I just wrapped a comedy pilot (a.k.a HR) for FOX Network with Judy Greer and some other comedians. I shot a small part for a movie… those are two projects which I recently finished. I have a recurring role for the series “Adam Ruins Everything” on TRU TV. And there is a project with HBO that I can’t talk about right now.”


PPL:  Why should our readers go out and buy “Hail, Caesar!” on DVD?


Veronica Osorio: “Well, if you love movies… this is the movie for you because it’s a production which honors western movies, musicals, and all types of 1950s styles. It’s classic cinema but in Coen brothers’ style so, it’s really a treat. Aside from the DVD extras with interviews, behind-the-scenes, and more.”


Veronica Osorio played Carlota in "Hail, Caesar!"

Behind-the-scenes Beauty: Veronica Osorio playing “Carlota” in Coen Brothers’ production “Hail, Caesar!”. (Courtesy Photo).


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