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“Vamos Pa’ Encima”, Chino y Nacho nominated to 2016 Latin Billboard Music Awards

Chino y Nacho are nominated to a Latin Billboard Award in 2016.
Chino y Nacho are nominated to a Latin Billboard Award in 2016.

For the fourth year in a row Venezuelan latin pop music duo Chino y Nacho is nominated to a Latin Billboard Award. (Photo courtesy of Beats Communications.)

To say Venezuelan latin pop music duo, Chino y Nacho, have experienced a wave of professional success within the past two years is an understatement.

Just a few months ago, Jesus “Chino” Miranda was the star of a Spanish-language biopic titled “El Malquerido”, in which he portrayed Venezuelan bolero singer Felipe Pirela.

Chino took on Pirela’s character from the time of the singer’s breakthrough into the music industry to the moment he became an internationally renown figure, detailing his personal life’s ups and downs along the way.

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“El Malquerido” was Chino’s first big leap to the big screen and allowed him to showcase his acting chops, taking on a lead role from the very beginning.

On his end, Nacho also had his hands full juggling a variety of solo projects including the opening of a restaurant and theater bar in Miami, recording songs (“Mi Felicidad”), and mentoring other young artists from Venezuela such as Caibo, a latin pop duo from Maracaibo, Venezuela, who he worked with on the single, “Te llevo en mi Corazon”.

Clearly, both men can shine with their own light but it’s also clear that when the two combine their talent the limit to their success is endless and so is the bond that unites them.

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Chino y Nacho have a bond that transcends the music business.

Nacho posted this image to his Instagram along with an in-depth caption titled “Nos Separamos”…”We’re Separating”. (Photo courtesy of @nacholacriatura.)

Less than a month ago, Nacho took to social media to dispel rumors of the duo’s separation and put an end to speculations over a rift between the two.

On his Instagram @nacholacriatura Nacho posted the image to the left along with a caption which read “We’re Separating”. However the post when on to read:

We’ve been working together for many years, we’ve traveled a long path together, it seems like an entire lifetime. We’ve shared moments of happiness and sadness, successes and failures. We’re separating from being on pause, from vacations, from individual time. This year we’re starting off more consolidated than ever, with more strength and enthusiasm, with more respect towards our public, a new song about to be released….” 

Nacho also made note of the duo’s move away from envy, bad energies, hate and lies, saying “Vamos pa’ encima”, “We’re going to the top” and thanking Chino y Nacho fans for their support while reassuring them the duo still had a long road ahead.

Weeks earlier Nacho had published a similar post titled “We are different” in which he expressed his love for Chino and asked fans not to defame without basis, not to be led by hate and to understand that despite being a duo, they are two different people, two “individuals”. He referenced people who he claimed were jumping to conclusions without knowing any truths and planning to boycott Nacho’s movie “El Malquerido”.

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He also made mention about not asking Chino to participate in his song “Mi Felicidad” because the timing of it was off, he went on to explain that Chino’s father had recently passed away as had his pet and that overall Chino was going through a tough time.

“I didn’t consider it tactful,” he said. “That’s why Chino never received a call from me inviting him to be a part of the project.”

Chino y Nacho's friendship and bond is stronger than ever

Venezuelan latin pop duo Chino y Nacho are nominated to a 2016 Latin Billboard Award in the category of “”Latin Pop Songs; Artist of the Year, Duo or Group”. (Photo courtesy of Instagram/@nacholacriatura.)

But now, all of that is behind them and regardless of what anyone can think, say or post on social media, Chino y Nacho are looking positively towards the future, together.

For the fourth consecutive year, Chino y Nacho are finalists to the Billboard Latin Music Awards.

It was announced early last week on Telemundo’s Un Nuevo Dia, that the dynamic duo will compete for the coveted award in the “Latin Pop Songs; Artist of the Year, Duo or Group” category at the awards show, which will take place April 2016 in Miami.

The news came just days away from Chino y Nacho’s release of their new single “ANDAS EN MI CABEZA” (Running Through My Head), which features none other than Urban Royalty, Daddy Yankee.

For the fifteenth time in their careers Chino y Nacho are nominated for the Billboard Awards, they’re working on and releasing new music, collaborating with some of the most popular artists in the Latin Pop and Reggaeton music genres and seemingly, their personal friendship is stronger than ever.

If all this is in their favor, who can possibly be against them? 

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