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Tom Brady’s Legacy at stake in Super Bowl XLIX

Tom Brady holding the Lombardi Trophy in 2004. http://swollyourrollsports.com/

Tom Brady holding the Lombardi Trophy in 2004.
(Photo Courtesy of swollyourrollsports.com)

Fresh off of winning his sixth conference championship, Tom Brady puts himself in a league of his own becoming the first player to start in 6 Super Bowls, adding another milestone to his already impressive resume.

As Super Bowl XLIX approaches, Brady is creeping up on Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw for most Super Bowl victories for a QB with four, and at the same time Brady is also on the verge of surpassing Joe Montana for the title of greatest QB of all time with a win against Seattle.

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In the NFL the Quarterback receives too much credit and too much blame for the outcome of the game, and the greatness of the QB is valued on the amount of Super Bowl titles as well as regular season achievements. This is why Peyton Manning has the title “Greatest regular season QB of all time”, and why it’s hard to make the argument for Dan Marino being the GOAT due to his lack of Super Bowl rings.

Tom Brady has three Super Bowl titles and two Super Bowl MVP’s under his belt, but those victories seem like ancient history by now.

His last victory in the big game came in 2005 defeating the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl XXXIX, it’s now 10 years later and Tom Brady and the Pats are still on the hunt for their 4th Super Bowl title.

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The New England Patriots have been to the promised land twice since their last Super Bowl victory, and lost twice against the underdog New York Giants.

In 2008, the Giants shocked the world, putting an end to New England’s perfect season in Super Bowl XLII, which would’ve crowned Brady as the GOAT then, if the Patriots would’ve won that Super Bowl.

Brady in the midst of defeat in Super Bowl XLVI. http://bebizzy.com/

Brady in the midst of defeat in Super Bowl XLVI. (Photo Courtesy of BeBuzzy.com)

In 2012, the Giants used the same recipe to defeat the Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI, putting the coronation of Tom Brady being the greatest QB of all time on hold yet again.

In his 15th season, this might be his last shot at winning his 4th Super Bowl and it’s no easy task as he faces the rough riding defending champion Seattle Seahawks.

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Both teams have significant feats at stake, New England can capture their 4th Super Bowl title with a win, Seattle can become back to back champs, defeating teams led by Peyton Manning and Tom Brady in the Super Bowl on the way to doing it, placing the Seahawks up for the title as the greatest defense of all time.

Regardless of Super Bowl XLIX’s outcome, Tom Brady is undoubtedly a first ballot NFL Hall of Famer. But the 37-year-old Brady is waking on a fine line between possibly being the best QB of all time with a win on Sunday, and being remembered for deflated footballs and losing his last three Super Bowl appearances if New England loses to Seattle in Super Bowl XLIX.


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