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The Dark Knight is coming to Fox

Villans of the new show Gotham that will be on Fox this fall
Characters for the new show Gotham premiering this fall on Fox

Cast of Characters for new show, Gotham (www.schmoesknow.com)

This fall Batman returns…to television.

Fox is releasing “Gotham”, a new show that features a young Bruce Wayne (David Mazous) and follows him on his journey to becoming Batman.

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“Gotham” also tells the counter story of the rise of commissioner Gordon.

According to Fox.com, everyone knows who Commissioner Gordon is but not everyone knows how he rose from rookie detective to police commissioner.

In Fox’s “Gotham” people can expect to see Gordon’s development as he navigates through the multiple layers of manipulation and corruption around him and still keep his integrity.

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Catwoman, The Penguin, Two-Face and The Joker, Gotham City’s iconic villains seem to have a stranglehold on its citizens until they face-off with Batman of course.

“Gotham” is an origin story of the great DC Comics “Super Villains and Vigilantes” and this show unveils a new chapter of the story which has never been told before.

Gotham Television show new to Fox this fall

Gotham Television show coming to Fox this Fall (www.fox.com)

Benjamin McKenzie stars as Commissioner Gordon and in the start of trailer you see him consoling a young Bruce Wayne after the murder of his parents.

The opening clip sets an eerie tone that seems reminiscent of Christopher Nolan’s, “The Dark Knight”. The trailer continues showing how Gotham has fallen prey to criminals while Gordon struggles to solve the riddle of Thomas and Martha Wayne.

We will all see this fall one cops rise to the top all the while dealing with a city that is on the brink of destruction and the birth of a hero ready to save it.


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