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Don’t mess with this boy and his makeup!, Makeup artist Randy Santos talks @theboyandhismakeup

Randy Santos of @theboyandhismakeup talks about make up artistry.

Once Randy Santos started experimenting with makeup during his Sophomore year of high school, he wanted to do nothing else.


Soon after, the self-taught makeup artist from The Bronx, who is now 24 and runs makeup-focused Instagram account @theboyandhismakeup, applied at retail chain Sephora and despite not having experience, wouldn’t take no for an answer.


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“I applied several times [at Sephora] but never received a call back, actually most of the time I got the side eye,” said Santos.

Makeup artist Randy Santos from New York has found success on Instagram.

Don’t Mess With this Boy and his Makeup: Makeup artist Randy Santos, who is based in New York, talks about finding success on Instagram. (Courtesy @theboyandhismakeup on Instagram).


“But I didn’t give up.  I actually brought one of my friends to the store and did her makeup there. People started crowding around us to watch me do her makeup and some even started asking me questions and complimenting my work so, it caught the attention of the Assistant Manager…that’s how I got hired.”


However, Santos, who is of Puerto Rican descent, has been working at Sephora for about four years and is now at the 5th Avenue location, decided to up his makeup game outside of his job by creating @theboyandhismakeup, an Instagram account where he could showcase his work.


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He began by taking pictures of his clients at Sephora and then setting up mini-photoshoots with friends at home. He’d take the photos with his iPhone.


“When I started, it wasn’t all picture perfect,” he said.


“But I started noticing positive reactions from people and I decided to dedicate all my posts and creativity to showing my makeup work and honestly, it was fascinating to me to see the interest and the growing following of the account so, I even created the hashtag #theboyandhismakeup to engage with people.”


Puerto Rican makeup artist Randy Santos posts his work on @theboyandhismakeuponinstagram.

Mad about Makeup: Randy Santos, of @theboyandhismakeup, held at-home photo shoots with friends and showcased his work on Instagram. (Courtesy @theboyandhismakeup on Instagram)


But Santos, who has 17.4 thousand followers on the social media site, says it hasn’t all been praise and kind words. He admits he’s had to deal with negative comments and internet trolls.


“Some people name call, they write insults or says ‘Omg! Is that a man or a woman?’ or they’ll laugh at me in someway,” said Santos. “Some people have even told me that God doesn’t love me. I used to argue with them but now, I just block them because at the end of the day, what’s the point?”


He notes that running the @theboyandhismakeup account on Instagram has helped him build thick skin and also thanks his followers for their constant support and encouragement.


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#IRL, out there in the streets of New York, Santos says, “…it’s pretty much the same thing. Some will love you and some will hate on you.”


“I wear makeup about five or six times a week and some people stare and make comments but I go out full face and that’s it,” he said. “I have the support of my friends, my family and my boyfriend, who are all very accepting and supportive so, that’s all that matters.”


Randy Santos is a new york based makeup artist.

Flawless Face: Makeup artist Randy Santos, from The Bronx, shares his insights on running a makeup Instagram account @theboyandhismakeup. (Courtesy of @theboyandhismakeup on Instagram).


Randy Santos of @theboyandhismakeup shares tidbits on finding success on Instagram.


On Getting Recognized in Person: “It was kind of strange at first because these young boys came to the store [Sephora] and they were just staring at me, two teenagers, and they were like just following me around and finally they asked me if I was @theboyandhismakeup and it seemed like they were a little starstruck so it was cute and funny.”


On Getting Contacted by Nicki Minaj: “Nicki Minaj was filming in New York and her makeup artist was sick and couldn’t travel so she sent out a Tweet asking her fans to recommend makeup artists for her. My friend tagged me and Nicki looked at my work and sent me a private message on Twitter saying she was interested. It didn’t work out in the end but it was still pretty amazing to have that exchange with her and for her to notice my work.”


Nicki Minaj contacts Randy Santos of @theboyandhismakeup

Celeb Contact: Nicki Minaj contacted Randy Santos of @theboyandhismakeup for a possible makeup collaboration. (Courtesy)


On Advice for Followers who want to be MUA: “Focus on yourself. It’s easy to get intimidated by all the other talented people in the industry. Be humble and don’t lose your passion, be open to learning. Every single day, I learn something new. Believe it or not, everyone has something new to learn. There’s always more.


Randy is currently working on making Youtube videos and wishes to put even more of his personality “out there” for fans of his makeup artistry. For now, check him out at @theboyandhismakeup


Randy Santos is a New York makeup artist.

Makeup Maven: Randy Santos of @theboyandhismakeup is a self-taught make up artist based in New York. (Courtesy Photo)


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    I’am the mother of Randy Santos aka the boy and his make up. I’m extremely grateful to you for publishing his story. My son has always been unique & special to all of us. I knew since he was the age of 4 years old that he would be someone very talented and successful. We have been blessed with Randy and now all his fans and supporters as we’ll.

    Thank You again

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