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Tattoo Artists sought in Hernandez Case

Hernandez shows off tats that are currently being looked at for help in prosecuting him
Hernandez tattoos being looked into for possible link to murders

Hernandez tattoos being examined for possible link to murders. (thecrownsports.com)

According to ESPN investigators have begun seeking help from tattoo artists who may have inked former New England Patriots tight end, Aaron Hernandez.

They’re requesting guidance from tattoo artists in hopes that they can help with the prosecution of Hernandez for a double homicide committed in 2012.

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Suffolk County’s District Attorney stressed that the tattoo artists are to be considered witnesses, not suspects and “may have made observations of evidentiary value.”

Aaron Hernandez is charged in three murders and is set to be arraigned on two counts of murder for the shooting of two people in Boston in 2012.

Authorities say they hope to speak with an artist or artists who did specific tattoo’s on Hernandez’s right forearm between February 2012 and June 2013. They didn’t go into detail as to which tattoo’s they were referring to.

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Both of Hernandez’s forearms are covered with tattoos, and photographs of his right forearm show inked stars, words, and other designs.

“We’re intentionally limiting our statements so as not to influence any potential observations by tattoo artists,” said Jake Wark, a spokesman for Suffolk County District Attorney.

However, TMZ has found more information regarding the tattoo.

Officials say they want information on specific tattoos they believe Hernandez got between February 2012 and June 2013.

When TMZ pulled up photos of his arm they did notice one glaring difference, the stars.

Aaron apparently had three stars added to a design on his outside forearm. However, it’s still unclear at this time if those tattoos are at the specific tattoos at center of this investigation.

Before February 2012

Hernandez forearm that is being examined for possible memoralization of homicides

Aaron Hernandez forearm pictured. This a possible area where investigators are looking for link to murders (Globe Staff Photo/Jim Davis)

After February 2012

3 new stars are added to his forearm tattoo which possible could be linked to the recent killings

Hernandez tattooed forearm post 2013 shows 3 stars which is being examined for possible link to murders. (forums.chargers.com)

Authorities have mentioned several key locations in their quest for a tattoo artist. Hermosa Beach California; Bristol, Connecticut; Palm Beach and Miami, Florida; Massachusetts; and Rhode Island.

Authorities also added they are open to talking to anyone who has done tattoo work on Hernandez.



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