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Stephanie Sigman, “Annabelle: Creation” star, got chills from the film

Stephanie Sigman, a woman hugging a group of scared girls.

Stephanie Sigman, a Mexican-American model and actress, who stars as “Sister Charlotte” in upcoming horror film “Annabelle:Creation”, spoke to Press Pass Latino about what it took to form part of the cast of “such a dark movie.”
As a little girl, Sigman said, she was always scared of ghosts. And she admitted that to this day, she “truly believes” in spirits.
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On the set of “Annabelle: Creation”, a story about a nun (Sigman) and several girls from a shuttered orphanage, who are welcomed into the home of a doll maker and his wife, who have suffered the tragic loss of their young daughter, and later become the target of the doll makers’ possessed creation, Annabelle, Sigman says she felt a “different energy than in any other movie she’s ever worked on.”

Stephanie Sigman, a woman dressed as a nun

Afraid of Annabelle: Stephanie Sigman, who stars as “Sister Charlotte” in horror film “Annabelle:Creation” says the film was so scary it was hard for her to remember “it was not real life.”


“Working in ‘Annabelle’ required a great deal of mental and physical preparation to get in and out of character,” she said. “Especially when you’re doing very scary, dark scenes and you have to remember that this is just a movie and not real life. It’s a film that will definitely give you the chills.”

Sigman, who says she feels very proud to be Latina, and proud to be a Latina working in Hollywood, says she’s happy to see more and more Latinos get the opportunity to showcase their talents on the big-screen.
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“I’m looking forward to working in more Spanish-language movies and series in the future,” she said.
But for now, Sigman is working on her lead role in NBC’s pilot “Swat”, the brainchild of “Chicago”, and “The Shield” producer, Shawn Ryan.
You can catch Sigman as “Sister Charlotte” in “Annabelle:Creation”, which will hit theaters nationwide on Friday, August 11th. For more entertainment news, follow us on our social media: @presspasslatino on Instagram and PressPassLatino on Facebook! 
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A woman hugging a child, both wearing pjs.

Doomed by a Doll: Stephanie Sigman, who stars as “Sister Charlotte” in “Annabelle: Creation” admits she’s scared of ghosts and believes in spirits.


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