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‘Play! by Sephora’ may be coming your way soon

Sephora is the latest beauty retailer to jump in on the monthly beauty box subscription trend.
Sephora joins in on the monthly beauty box subscription trend.

International beauty retailer Sephora announces ‘Play by Sephora’ a monthly beauty box subscription plan. (Photo courtesy of Sephora.com)

Beauty lovers everywhere can now rejoice at the sound of Sephora’s latest announcement: the beauty retail chain which has more than 360 stores in North America alone, is initiating Play! by Sephora, a monthly beauty box subscription.

Sephora is set to make its monthly beauty box subscription plan available to customers living in Boston, Massachusetts and in Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio, this September. It plans on making it available to customers living in all other states next year.

Each Play! by Sephora box will contain five samples of varied beauty products, ranging from makeup to skin and hair care, and will run for $10 a month.

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We can expect Sephora’s monthly beauty box to include products made by renown industry brands such as Marc Jacobs, Benefit Cosmetics and Bare Minerals, just to name a few.

Finally joining in on the monthly beauty box subscription trend along with Birchbox and IpsyPlay! by Sephora is sure to knock our beauty socks off. And if you’re a beauty product lover and make up fiend you already know that the brands listed above are not cheap.

With Marc Jacobs’ concealer starting at $55 and Benefit Cosmetics Mascara at $24, it’s obvious that getting this box is a steal, especially if you love to discover and sample new products (like I do!).

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Sephora also made it known in its announcement that the samples delivered will be “deluxe-sized” and that each box will  include other small samples, aside from the five previously mentioned as well as a fun Spotify playlist.

And if you’ve ever read anything I’ve written about makeup and beauty products, you already know that I absolutely adore Sephora, so this is amazing news.

Sephora will soon offer a monthly beauty box subscription program to customers.

Sephora customers nationwide may soon be able to enjoy a sampling of products found in store through it’s new monthly beauty box subscription program.

As a current subscriber to Ipsy’s monthly beauty box, I know there’s definitely some room for improvement there so I’m hoping that Sephora really steps up to the plate and hits it out of the ballpark with its monthly subscription beauty box.

Although, I’m sure Play! by Sephora won’t put other beauty box subscription plans out of business, it will definitely hurt them.

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After all, Sephora has a strong following and is well-known internationally with over 1,000 locations. Those who are loyal to Sephora will surely subscribe to Play! by Sephora.  For now, we’re left hoping Sephora can deliver and for all this noise made by its monthly beauty box subscription announcement not to be in vain.


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