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Sebastian Yatra: Next big thing in Latin Pop music

Sebastian Yatra doesn’t like to brag about himself or his music.

Don’t get me wrong, the 19-year-old Colombian singer born in Medellin but raised in Miami, Florida, doesn’t lack confidence…far from it, he grabs his guitar and with a sly smile says “I’m gonna sing for you.”

Yatra rather let his music do all the talking.

“Every person is unique,” he said in response to questions about what makes his music different and possible comparisons to other Spanish language crooners.

“As long as you do music that comes out of your heart and that is really you, it’s going to be different no matter what.”

The Latin Pop music singer is currently promoting his first two singles from his album due for release in March of 2015.

“El Psicologo” and “Todo lo Que Siento” were both penned by Yatra and have found success on social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The official video for “El Psicologo” has obtained close to 200,000 views and though the video for “Todo lo Que Siento” is not available yet the lyric video posted about a month ago has already been watched 16,000 times.

“The song ‘El Psicologo’ or ‘The Psychologist’ is a song about being the best friend,” said Yatra. “The guy that wants to be more than friends but is stuck in the ‘Friend Zone’ and has a tough time.”

Most of Yatra’s songs are love songs, romantic in nature and full of that telenovela swag. It wouldn’t be too hard to imagine his music used in the soundtrack to a prime time hour soap opera.

The opening line to “El Psicologo” goes like this: “Con una mirada se comienza y mas si tus ojos me contestan, me aterra decirte que me encantas pero de hoy no va a pasar….” 

( “It starts with just one look and more if your eyes answer me, I’m so afraid to tell you that I’m enchanted by you but I’ll won’t let one more day pass…” )

“Todo lo Que Siento” is essentially a love letter from Yatra to a young lady who he tells “me enamora tu forma de vivir” …“I fall in love with the way you live” and to who he considers “perfecta.”  

Though, I’m sure at first listen Yatra’s songs will have young girls swooning, he doesn’t take himself too serious.

“I knew from a very young age that this is what I wanted to do,” he says. “but I’m the type of person whose always on the move and doing something, creating something, I’m also very spontaneous and maybe even weird.”

While I don’t think weird would be one of the words used by Yatra’s fans to describe him, after listening to his voice it’s undeniable that he has the surefire potential to become the next “it” boy in Latin Pop music.

His fun, fresh attitude and his humble nature are only added pluses. It doesn’t hurt that he’s easy on the eyes either.

To listen to more of Yatra’s music you can visit his website www.sebastianyatra.com


Sebastian Yatra is the singer of "El Psicologo" and "Todo lo Que Siento"

Sebastian Yatra, a 19-year-old Colombian singer raised in Miami, has the potential to be the next big thing in Latin Pop music. (Daysi Calavia-Robertson/ Press Pass Latino)


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