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Loren Ridinger and Lala Anthony on Market America 2015

Press Pass Latino reporter Cachie Gonzalez was on site at this year’s Market America 2015, a convention-style platform for aspiring business owners to obtain entrepreneurial inspiration. The Market America 2015 event took place in Miami, Florida at the American Airlines Arena.

Gonzalez spoke with Loren Ridinger, Market America’s Senior V.P., and her business partner TV personality, Lala Anthony, about their new make-up line, their professional and personal relationships and how being Latina has helped shape them into the strong women they are today.lr

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Following the motto that, “There’s no reason why you can’t start your own business and most importantly follow your dreams”, Market America has set out to reinvent and revolutionize entrepreneurship and online shopping.

Ridinger and Anthony have been friends for years and it’s palpable in the way they speak about one another. Their friendship seems genuine and they admitted to being each other’s pick-me-ups.

“We’re really great friends and when we’re having an off day, we call each other,” said Ridinger at the Market America 2015 event.

LORENLALATheir friendship has made them into a powerful team that wants people to get out there and follow their dreams. Ridinger is all about empowerment, especially for women. She encourages women to love themselves, but most of all, each other.

“Like I’ve said many times, girls have to support each other! A lot of times we are very jealous of each other, but we’re quite the opposite,” she said.

“We actually empower women! We love women and we want them to love themselves and each other more. If we supported each other, we’d have more successful women.”

These two powerful women both have Hispanic backgrounds. Ridinger says her Nuyorican upbringing has given her a special determination and passion which she incorporates into everything she does. Anthony, who was born and raised in Brooklyn and is a third generation Puerto Rican, also knows how significant it is to be Latina in the fashion and beauty industry.

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“It’s something that’s just in me, not something I think of consciously. Growing up hearing Spanish music and eating pasteles [pastries] during the holidays, that’s part of who I am,” said Anthony to a small crowd at Market America 2015. “I’m proud to represent the Hispanic community.”

When Ridinger and Anthony were asked about how “Motives Cosmetics” compares to other makeup brands like MAC and Sephora, Ridinger was quick to admit that MAC is more commercial and great for makeup artists, while Motives is good for professionals as well as for non-professionals.

“MAC is more commercialized,” said Ridinger. “Our brand is not made necessarily for makeup artists, it’s made for every day women and it’s easy to use.”

For more information about Ridinger, Anthony and their involvement with the creation of this new make-up line visit Motives Cosmetics.

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