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Ricardo Montaner sets off on #AgradecidoTour

Ricardo Montaner will be in Concert at the American Airlines Arena.

Spanish-language music icon, Ricardo Montaner, 58, has enjoyed a lengthy and successful career, but he’s not ready to slow down just yet.

The Venezuelan singer, who has released more than 15 albums and sold nearly 22 million records worldwide, is ready to set off on his Agradecido (Grateful) Tour and delight audiences with his biggest hits, among them fan-favorite, romantic ballad “La Cima del Cielo”.

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Ricardo Montaner is on a media tour to promote a series of concerts in Miami and New York.

Ricardo Montaner speaks to America Teve “El Happy Hour” host Carlucho about his upcoming Agradecido tour. (Daysi Calavia-Robertson / Press Pass Latino).

Montaner recently appeared in America Teve’s “El Happy Hour” show hosted by Carlucho in Miami, to speak about his latest projects, his love for his family and his work with his charitable foundation, La Ventana de los Cielos, which he started in 2005 and is dedicated to promoting, advocating, and protecting the rights of children and adolescents with disabilities.

While on set, Montaner, who hadn’t performed in Miami in three years, also took a few minutes to speak to Press Pass Latino behind-the-scenes about his Agradecido Tour.

In a short video interview for our outlet, he invited fans and followers to his Miami concert date in the American Airlines Arena on Friday, April, 8th, 2016.

However, Montaner’s Agradecido Tour also features concert dates in New York, Massachusetts, Illinois and Texas. He will appear in Buena Vista, Florida in the House of Blues on Thursday, April, 7th, 2016.

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If you want to see this talented and legendary crooner, who is king of all things romance, and is surely your mom’s and abuelita’s favorite in concert, or maybe want to nab some tickets to surprise them, you can visit SongKick.com , StubHub or Montaner’s own website www.RicardoMontaner.mx. Tickets run from $68-$220. 


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