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Rebecca Ferguson kicks ass in ‘Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation’

Rebecca Ferguson delivers kick ass performance in Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation

Swedish actress Rebecca Ferguson finally had the opportunity to act alongside her teenage crush, Mr. Mission Impossible himself, Tom Cruise. Even so, that might not have been her favorite part of filming action flick ‘Mission Impossible -Rogue Nation”.

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The 31-year-old star best known for her role, as Elizabeth Woodville in television series “The White Queen” which nabbed her a Golden Globe nomination, told Press Pass Latino “…I loved doing the stunts!..”

She added: “It’s not that I didn’t remember [about her crush on Tom Cruise] because you know, it’s Tom Cruise but I remember being on the treadmill at the gym with the trainer and I sort of went  ‘Wait! I used to dream about Tom when I was young’ …and I had sort of forgotten, I had like these on coming dreams for a couple of weeks, I think I had seen ‘Cocktail’ or something, I won’t tell you about the dream [laughs]…”

Rebecca Ferguson did her own stunts in Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation

Left to right: Rebecca Ferguson plays Ilsa and Tom Cruise plays Ethan Hunt in Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (Photo Courtesy of Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions)

Taking on secret agent “Ilsa Faust” on Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation was a total change of pace for Ferguson, who had never before worked in an action movie and whose acting repertoire includes a long list of historically based characters.

“I had carried heavy capes playing the Queen of England and that was intense but I had never done stunts, nothing like this ever before,” said Ferguson.

Does she look forward to more stunt work in the future?

“Hell yeah! I miss it, I miss moving, I miss the necessity to be in a gym!,” she said.

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Ferguson trained six hours a day, six days a week while prepping for her role as “Ilsa Foust” and continued training throughout in order to avoid on-set injuries.

She admits she’s always been a big fan of the Mission Impossible franchise and that she loves all kinds of action movies as long as they’re intelligent and have a team of characters she can relate to.

For Mission Impossible fans she had this message:

“You just need to go and see high crazy stunts, to expect the unexpected with intelligent twists by a brilliant writer, just go see it!”

Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation opens in theaters nationwide Friday, July 31st. Enjoy a special, action-packed, Rebecca Ferguson featurette below.


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