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Career advice from a Radio Queen: Power 96’s Ivy shares 4 tips to making it in the radio biz

Ivy, a blonde Hispanic woman smiling.

Miami’s most beloved English-language radio queen, Power 96’s “Ya Chica Ivy”, has been killing the game for 15 years. But the Mexicana Puertorriqueña says that wasn’t always the case.
“When I first started I use to do it all, a little bit of everything to help out at the radio station, but mostly, I would answer the phones,” said Ivy in an interview with Press Pass Latino.
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Now, with almost two decades of air-wave success under her belt, Ivy, whose latest career highlight was making Selena Gomez dish about her budding romance with Canadian singer, The Weeknd, during her “Ivy Unleashed” radio show (a story which was picked up by E-News, Ryan Seacrest and Ellen), is sharing her top four tips to making it in the radio biz.
1.  Do every single task, big or small, with passion
“I’ve noticed that some people, especially the younger generation, when they’re fresh out of high school or fresh out college, sometimes carry around a certain mentality of not wanting to perform specific tasks. For example, the may not want to have to make coffee for other people in the office, or they may not want to answer emails or take on specific stories.

It’s a “I don’t want to do this, or that” attitude. But to make it in the radio business or in the entertainment media field, people need to take on a wide range of opportunities and do every single task, big or small, with passion, trust me, it will show.

Set yourself apart by your drive. There were many times in which I could have been let go but I wasn’t because I was a “ride or die”, I made myself an asset to the company. Sometimes you have to do what no one wants to do and do a great job at it. Don’t be entitled and pay your dues.
2.  Don’t burn bridges 
“Know the importance of not burning bridges and not getting cocky. Stay humble. There was once a guy at the station, who I took under my wing. I trained him and taught him everything I knew about the radio industry.

He said he looked up to me so I did all I could do to help him get ahead. He later went on to step on my toes.

In the end, I started to resent him because of his nasty attitude. Needless to stay, you should always be humble and grateful to the people, who help you along the way and not start to believe that you are just “too good.”

Ivy, a blonde Hispanic woman smiling.

Boss Babe: South Florida’s media maven, “Ya Chica Ivy” from Power 96 says don’t burn your bridges. (Courtesy @ivypower96)


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3. Treat interns as you’d treat your boss
“Treat every single person with respect. Treat interns, cleaning people, audio engineers, anyone and everyone, with the same level of respect as you would your boss. It seems like a simple and golden rule but many people in this industry forget it. Some people are only nice to those that can help them move forward in their careers and that shows too. It’s not a good look for anyone. And is an easy way to rack up your bad karma. And quick.”
4. Always keep growing, don’t get comfortable & make opportunities for yourself
“During my time in radio, I’ve worked very hard and been blessed with the opportunity to conduct many wonderful interviews. I’ve interviewed Neo, 50 Cent, Rick Ross, Lionel Ritchie and many more.

But the challenge is to always keep growing and not get comfortable. Continue to make opportunities for yourself. My goal now is to continue doing radio on Power 96 but I’d also like to capitalize on my success and start my own podcast or YouTube talk show.

Or maybe create an app. I’d want it to be something where it was just me talking to my listeners how I’d talk to my girlfriends, to be fully myself and in my own zone and be able to incorporate some hosting mechanism. Always keep creating and working hard to make your dreams come true.”
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To learn more on how to be a fearless, fierce and badass Latina like “Ya Chica Ivy”, you can catch her on Power 96 on her show “Ivy Unleashed” from 2 to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday or follow her on Instagram @ivypower96.



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