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Ñejo ‘El Broky’ talks “A Veces” and “Yo Soy la Fama”

Puerto Rican rapper Nejo el Broko releases his new studio album.

Puerto Rican rapper and singer, Ñejo el Broky, is known for his explicit language and controversial lyrics. The “No Tiene Novio” singer made himself known in 2006 when the hit single fired up radio stations in Puerto Rico and throughout the U.S.

Ñejo el Broky also worked on a remix of “No Tiene Novio” featuring Puerto Rican Reggaeton superstar, Tego Calderon, and collaborated on an exclusive recording session with Damian Marley.

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Fast Forward to 2015 and Ñejo is busy promoting his new studio production “Yo Soy La Fama” (I Am Fame) and the single “A Veces” (Sometimes).

Puerto Rican rapper Nejo el Broko releases his new studio album.

Nejo el Broko has recently released his latest studio production, “Yo Soy la Fama” (Album Cover)

He confesses that despite earning a reputation for being a straight shooter and a no-holds-barred rapper, it wasn’t always so.

“When I started I was timid and shy but as I began participating in more and more street battles against other rappers in my neighborhood in Puerto Rico, I realized I had this talent to say what others wouldn’t,” he said in an interview with musica.com.

To Press Pass Latino, he opened up about not using his body to market his music, why he’s feeling his latest single ‘A Veces”, and what a real love song is in his opinion.

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PPL: Hello Ñejo, it’s a pleasure to chat with you today. How have your fans been treating you? Do you have flocks of female followers?

Nejo el broko is currently promoting "A Veces"

Nejo el Broko opens up to Press Pass Latino about what makes his music unique and why he doesn’t need to use his body to market his music. (Video Still Nejo el Broko)

Ñejo: Well, I’m for everyone, fanaticas and fanaticos. 

Thanks to God, I don’t have to sell an image. There’s many singers out there who resort to selling their bodies and they take off their shirts on stage and then post the photo on Instagram.

I even have a friend, who took a photo with me, and then deleted me from it. He cropped it and told me “I’m sorry man but you came out looking ugly”…[He laughs] but don’t get me wrong there are artists who are good looking and have a lot of talent but many others just want to sell a specific look and that’s it.

PPL: Unfortunately, that’s very true. Talk to us about your new production “Yo Soy la Fama”. What can fans expect to hear on the album?

Nejo el Broko is a big time joker.

Puerto Rican rapper and singer Nejo el Broko has a big sense of humor! Don’t believe us? Just watch our interview with the “No Tiene Novio” star.

Ñejo: I made this album with my heart and I did it without focusing on what was in or trendy on the radio right now.

It’s one of the perks of being independent because when you sign with a label the executives try to tell you what you have to do and they control about 80% of your work. I’ve seen it happen many times, there’s people with talent on their way up and then they get signed by a label and then they’re made to change everything that was real about them but on “Yo Soy la Fama” people can get an opportunity to listen to me, the real and unfiltered version of me.

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PPL: We’re sure that’s been key to your success. “A Veces” is the single from “Yo Soy la Fama” that you’re currently promoting. What’s so special about that song?

Ñejo: It was written about a real life story, it doesn’t mean that it necessarily happened to me but music artists are sometimes like actors, we observe other people’s life stories and make them come to life through our interpretation.

It’s a song about a friend of mine, who is in love with a woman, who is married. It’s not a vulgar song, the woman is not cheating on her husband, in fact she might not even know about his feelings. He’s just thinking about what he would like to have happen. Many times people ask me why I don’t write love songs but I think I do.

Nejo el Brokotalks about Yo Soy la Fama.

“I wrote a song about being in the bathroom while your girlfriend is doing number two, to me that’s a real intimacy and real love,” said the rapper.

PPL: What does a real love song consist of in your opinion?

Ñejo: Well, to me the realest love songs are what most people would consider to be crude, crass or involving explicit lyrics.

For example, I wrote a song which talks about things that you’d only do with your wife or someone that you’re very in love with, it’s about being with your girlfriend in the bathroom while she’s doing number two. [laughs] you can edit this out if you want, but you don’t do that with just anyone, that level of intimacy to me is what love is really about.

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