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Natti Natasha collabs with Forever21 on new clothing line

Some people wear their heart on their sleeves. Dominican singer Natti Natasha on the other hand, creates a whole clothing line to show off hers.


The “Sin Pijama” singer teamed up with Forever 21 and 10 other women musicians including Afro-Boricua rapper Bia to launch an “inspirational women’s line” aimed at all the boss babes of the world, as a wearable reminder to think strong, stay smart and most of all, be bold.


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The collection includes slogan tees, hoodies, biker shorts, and fashion accessories among many other pieces. The size-inclusive garments will be available online and at Forever 21 stores nationwide and retail from $4 to $30.


For each piece sold, Forever 21 will donate $1 to New York City-based non-profit organization Girl Inc.  with a minimum donation of $50,000.


Through advocacy and mentorship, Girl Inc. encourages girls in the U.S. and Canada between the ages of 6 and 18  to “lead fulfilling and productive lives,” equipping them with the skills to “navigate through economic, gender, and social barriers and to grow up as independent individuals.”


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“I saw myself as a woman working harder but today I’m playing way harder,” Natti Natasha said referencing the collaboration with the global fashion retailer in an Instagram post.


“I’m always focused and enjoying the journey because this life is meant for savoring every goal reached and striving for more. Little by little I get to see my music reach people’s hearts,” she wrote.

“There was a time when it was all part of a dream that others didn’t believe in, but I had all my faith and trust that one day it was going to be a reality. I feel like women have so much more to offer: our essence, or flavor, and our part of the story.”


“What Women’s International History Month represents to me,” said Natti Natasha in a statement.


“Is a month that gives women their position, honor and respect, which represents empowerment to all of us. What the collection means is a symbol of admiration for women, where little girls who are fans of this brand will start learning about self-love and the importance women have in society.”


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