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Murals that turn your daily train commute into a psychedelic odyssey

beautiful commute
beautiful commute

Some unusual sights can turn your commute into a refreshing visual adventure. (Photo by Wired.com)

If you’re going to ride the Philadelphia SEPTA commuter rail this week don’t be surprised if all of a sudden you feel like you’re on an acid trip on your way to work.

Commissioned by the City of Philadelphia’s Mural Arts Program, German artist Katharina Grosse has created seven eccentric murals along the tracks of the city’s commuter train.

Grosse’s intention is to break up the every day monotony of commuting by reminding riders the importance and beauty of their city. A goal that is furthered illustrated by the statement made by Jane Golden in a press release in which she states that the purpose of the project is to get “people to see what we see. We see the deterioration, but we also see the beauty, we see the history, we see Philadelphia’ past.”

Psychylustro, the title chosen by Grosse to describe these series of murals, is intended to make the audience feel as though they are living in a cartoon world mirrored by their everyday experiences.

The murals are a series of abstract paintings that often incorporate one stand alone color and are created by Grosse and her 8 assistants through the use of high intensity acrylic paint on spaces that are either rundown or haven’t been left desolate. Making the scene look as if it has been mutated by toxic waste.

If you are interested in taking a look at all the seven pieces you will be able to find them following the path between 30th Street Station in Philadelphia and Atlantic City in New Jersey.


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