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Celebrity makeup artist Mila Thomas dishes on what it’s like behind the scenes

Mila Thomas was part of actress Diane Guerrero's glam squad for the 2016 Screen Actor's Guild Awards.

If you’ve watched VH1’s reality series Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, it’s a pretty safe bet you’ve noticed the always on point, always flawless on-screen makeup looks worn by its leading ladies.


Mila Thomas is actress Diane Guerrero's make up artist.

Make-up Master: Celebrity make up artist Mila Thomas tells Press Pass Latino how to recreate OITNB star Diane Guerrero’s SAG awards look. (Photo courtesy Mila Thomas.)

Celebrity makeup artist Mila Thomas, who has been a beauty industry professional for almost two decades, built her own glam team as the Glam Coordinator and has been the show’s key makeup artist for Seasons 1 and 2.


However, she’s also recently been working with Orange is the New Black and Jane the Virgen star, latina actress Diane Guerrero. Guerrero’s young Hollywood glam look, created by Thomas, was a big winner on the red carpet of the 2016 Screen Actor’s Guild Awards.


We caught up with Mila and picked her brain about what it’s like working behind the scenes with A-list celebs and what she loves most about her career. She also gave some valuable advice to young makeup artists who wish to follow in her footsteps.


PPL: What is it like working with high profile celebrities such as Diane Guerrero?


Mila Thomas was part of actress Diane Guerrero's glam squad for the 2016 Screen Actor's Guild Awards.

Goofballs: From left to right: Celebrity Make up artist Mila Thomas, actress Diane Guerrero and hairstylist Marcia Hamilton goof around during the star’s glam session before the 2016 SAG Awards. (Photo courtesy of Mila Thomas on Instagram/@makeupbymila.)

Mila Thomas: “Working with Diane Guerrero was such a joy because she’s such a genuine and sweet person to the core. She’s also super funny, so in between makeup and food breaks we had fun making silly Snap Chat videos, just hanging out and talking. It makes working really fun and something I really look forward to.”


PPL: What advice do you have for young beauty professionals and makeup artists who admire your work and would like to follow in your footsteps?


Mila Thomas: “My advice for young people who admire my work and would like to follow in my footsteps is to start by surrounding yourself with people who are doing what you want to do.”


“Find a mentor that can guide you in the right direction and try to assist great artists as much as possible, either by interning, shadowing or by volunteering. Learn and master your craft, whether it’s working at a cosmetic counter or attending a Beauty Academy.”


Press Pass’D: Want your makeup to slay like actress Diane Guerrero’s? Here’s how. 


“Once your have the skills, build your social media following and create your Facebook Business page, website and Instagram. Make sure to keep these pages very professional and to post only your best work! Remember when it comes to sharing your work on social media it’s about quality not quantity. Last but not least, always build great relationships where ever you go, don’t be afraid to ask for what you want because 99.9 percent of the time the answer is yes! So, be pleasant and be kind. Light up the room with your smile and good energy and never ever give up! Keep Going!”

Celebrity makeup artist Mila Thomas is responsible for creating all the flawless makeup looks on VH1's Love & Hip Hop.

Mila Thomas: “When a woman leaves my chair I want her to feel beautiful on every level, that’s the really beauty of my business!”


PPL: How long have you been a celebrity make up artist? What made you fall in love with this career?


Mila Thomas: “I’ve been a professional/celebrity makeup artist for 16 years. I’ve always been a visual artist and even studied Fine Arts in college so I love the art and beauty of painting a face. But what keeps me going and drives my passion is being able to make a woman feel amazing on the inside as well as out. When she leaves my chair I want her to feel beautiful on every level because being able to achieve that in my opinion is the real beauty of my business!”


PPL: What’s the one beauty product you can’t leave home without?


Mila Thomas: “The one beauty product I can’t leave home without is my concealer! I’m an eyebrow girl too, so thats a tough one! [laughs] but my go to personal concealer is LA Girl HD Concealer in Warm Honey, I love it because it melts into the skin and looks very natural.”


PPL: What do you think will be the go-to makeup product of the Spring?


Mila Thomas: “The go-to product for the Spring will definitely be the lipstick! The bold statement lip is here to stay. Bold and vibrant shades of crimson, orange and oxblood will set the trend. To keep the look youthful, pair it with clean fresh skin.”


For more makeup tips and celebrity makeup look updates follow @makeupbymila on Instagram.


Celebrity makeup artist Mila Thomas keeps the ladies on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood looking beautiful.

Celebrity makeup artist Mila Thomas is responsible for the fabulous makeup looks on VH1’s Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.


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