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Miguelito MTO talks “suga, suga” and why he has no excuse to not pick up his phone

Miguelito MTO held a press conference in Miami, Florida.

Miguelito, rapper Daddy Yankee’s protégé and the youngest person to ever win a Grammy award, recently released his latest single “Suga, Suga”, a cover of the popular 1969 hit by The Archies.

“I worked with Shawn Stockman who was in Boyz II Men,” said Miguelito.

“It was amazing working with him, we shared the same feeling about winning a Grammy, he’s a great artist, producer, editor, great everything and honestly, I see him how I see Daddy Yankee, as a mentor.”

Miguelito MTO worked with Shawn Stockman on his most recent video.

Miguelito MTO with former Boyz II to Men artist Shawn Stockman filming the music video for “Suga, Suga” (Screenshot of the behind the scenes video for “Suga, Suga”)

Miguelito, who moved from his homeland Puerto Rico to Los Angeles to develop his music career, is not your average 15-year-old.

Besides spending most of his time in the recording studio working on his first English-language album “Here to Stay” , he’s also been busy expanding his clothing line: Heir.

But Miguelito also known as MTO, hasn’t stopped there.

He’s created a full product line for fans, including headphones, cell phone covers, cell phone chargers, school and office supplies and USB’s.

He’s also slapped his brand on vitamins for kids and hair gel products and will soon release temporary tattoos that when looked at after downloading Miguelito’s customized app, reveal a virtual Miguelito who sings and dances just as he does on stage, just on your arm this time.

Miguelito MTO has a full line of products for fans.

Miguelito MTO is now 15 years old and is debuting a full product line for fans including headphones, cell phone covers and chargers and temporary tattoos. (Daysi Calavia-Robertson/ Press Pass Latino)

“There’s a cell phone cover that also charges your phone, it’s one of my favorite products,” said Miguelito.

“I love it. There’s no excuses to not answer your phone anymore. If you buy it, just know that your mom will be like “Why didn’t you answer your phone?  I know you have your Miguelito charger on.”

Jokes aside, Miguelito swears by having an open line of communication with his fans saying he loves to talk to them on Twitter and encouraging them to add him on cell phone app Snapchat.

“I’m single ladies, just saying, I’m single,” he laughs.

Despite all the humor and young man swag Miguelito exudes, there’s a humble persona at the base of it all.

“I always thank my parents for all their hard work,” he said. “Without them I wouldn’t be where I am today and I wouldn’t be the person I am.”

Without a doubt, for Miguelito family comes first.

When the cameras shut down he points to a large banner set up on the stage where he held his Miami press conference and proudly says “You see that girl there, that’s actually my sister.”

He reaches for his pocket and takes out his cell phone and snaps a photo of the poster.

He makes sure to give a hug and say thank you to each person present at the event and exits the room.

Miguelito MTO held a press conference in Miami, Florida.

Miguelito, Daddy Yankee’s protege and the youngest ever Grammy award winner, talks to media outlets at a press conference in Miami, Florida. (Daysi Calavia-Robertson/ Press Pass Latino)


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