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VIDEO: Latin stars Mau y Ricky talk about their favorite “Mala”

Karol G, Becky G, Lali and Leslie Grace together in one place? In one song? Oh, yeah, we’re here for it. 

Latin-pop duo Mau y Ricky, sons to Argentinian ballad legend Ricardo Montaner, have packed a punch of  sexy, with the uber sensual beats, in their “Mi Mala” remix.

The original single featured Colombian Reggaeton star Karol G and now, Mau y Ricky have added more powerhouse singers, like Becky G (the voice behind “Mayores”), Argentinian singer and actress Lali Esposito, and Dominican-American bombshell, Leslie Grace.


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Mau Y Ricky on the cover for the Mi Mala Remix

Muchas Malas: Mau y Ricky know how to rope in the biggest “Malas” in Spanish-language, urban and pop music. (Photo credit: Beats Communications)


“Mi Mala” remix goes beyond representing liberal/non-exclusive relationships and showcases a punch of baddie girl power in these four, talented, up and coming latina female artists. Mau y Ricky are both extremely proud of this collaboration and told Press Pass Latino that by teaming up with  Karol G, Becky G, Lali and Leslie Grace, the “Mi Mala” Remix is reaching new heights and fandom.


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The video for the “Mi Mala” Remix has reached 6.1 M views in week one and is on🔥 


Press Pass Latino reporter Maria Fernanda Viera hung out with Mau Y Ricky in Miami. WATCH OUR VIDEO INTERVIEW to hear which singer they think is the biggest baddie:


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Maria Fernanda Viera, is a journalist and TV host from Venezuela. She has a Master's in Mass Communication from FIU and her own YouTube channel, “ITSMARIAFERNANDA”, where she has interviewed Latin celebrities and producers from the multimedia and entertainment industry, such as: Telemundo & Univision. Entertainment is her passion. Follow her on Instagram: @itsmariafernannda

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