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Would you like a visit from the Marijuana Fairy?

Weed Fairy gives free nuggets to Capitol Hill, Seattle community

The self-proclaimed “Weed Fairy” gives out 50 free marijuana nuggets telling people “to take this weed and keep your spirits high”. (Photo courtesy of komonews.com)

Would you like a “THC tinkle”? or some “Pot dust”?

According to the AP, the latest craze in Seattle comes in the form of a woman who calls herself the “Weed Fairy”.

She’s been distributing free nuggets of marijuana to people by taping pot to fliers and handing them out around the neighborhood.

“I think people are a little worried, because this is something new and suspicious,” said Yeni Sleidi. “But it’s real weed and it’s not dangerous. It will get you high.”

The 23-year-old says she gives out packets of marijuana gratuitously to amuse people and to give them a break from everyday stress.

On Memorial Day Weekend alone she distributed 50 fliers with nuggets on the back.

“People mostly laughed,” said Sleidi. I’m not sure what the thought process was but I thought people would be amused by it.”

Sleidi first came up with the “Weed Fairy” idea while living in New York during the government shutdown.

She claims she witnessed how affected her friends and family were by the government shutdown and wanted to distract them from being stressed.

The initial “test run” if you will, happened last year when she began gifting marijuana to people in the Big Apple. Her generous weed donations in New York garnered plenty of media attention and now her stints in Seattle are well on their way of doing the same.

However, while Sleidi offered free-of-charge weed nuggets to people she didn’t shy away from offering another type of nugget,  a nugget of advice written on the backside of each flier.

The fliers read, “These are tough times. Take this weed. And keep your spirits high.”

Sleidi posted her free weed in Capitol Hill, a popular urban neighborhood in Seattle.

“I felt so relaxed about it…I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing it elsewhere in the country,” she said.


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