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Leyo releases #YoSoyCalifornia campaign with ‘California Dreamin’ cover

Leyo is a latin pop artist who lives in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles-based latin pop artist, Leyo, who’s appeared on Univision’s Objetivo Fama and on Hulu’s East Los High 3, has set out to encourage Latino-voter turnout ahead of the June 7th California Primary through his release of the #YoSoyCalifornia campaign on social media.


The 27-year-old artist, who is currently working alongside Grammy Award-winning producer Corey Rooney, will kick-off the #YoSoyCalifornia campaign on Tuesday, May 31st, with the premiere of his latest video which features a “Latin-inspired” cover of ‘California Dreamin’.


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Recording artist Leyo created the #YoSoyCalifornia campaign.

“California Dreamin”: Recording artist Leyo releases his cover of “California Dreamin” in conjunction with social media campaign #YoSoyCalifornia, encouraging latino-voter turnout. (Photo credit David Ramos).


“Latinos are family-oriented and hard working,” said Leyo in an interview with Press Pass Latino.


“But lately, a certain politician has tried to paint a different picture about our community so, the only way to fight back against that is by showing up at the ballot.”


“My message is don’t feel threatened, don’t feel scared, there’s power in numbers and if we show up and vote, we’ll really make certain individuals think before they speak about us and really watch their words.”


Leyo admits the upcoming California Primary will mark the first time he, himself, makes a journey to the ballot box. However, he says he’s very excited and looking forward to the experience which he describes as as a “privilege”.


“Sometimes we can get caught up in thinking that our vote doesn’t count but it does and as Latinos we need to ponernos las pilas and get out there to vote and make ourselves heard,” said Leyo, who was born in Los Angeles but whose parents are Mexican.


Even so, Leyo says he’s far from a political expert and doesn’t see himself in the position of telling people who to vote for, his wish is simply to “create awareness that we need to use our vote to elect someone who best represents us”.


“I have never seen so much hatred towards my raza before,” he said.


“Living in fear or by intimidation is not what makes this country great. This is a serious issue and we need to make some noise; so, I decided to use my voice and make some music.”


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For Leyo, working on the #YoSoyCalifornia campaign and filming the “California Dreamin'” cover was an emotional experience. It brought back memories of when his immigrant mother had to work two jobs just to help the family get by.


The “California Dreamin'” video, which will debut on Leyo’s YouTube Chanel, was produced by Javier Mosley and features a “vocally compelling” track  and ensemble of Latino musicians.


Yo Soy California is a social media campaign encouraging Latino voter turnout.

#YoSoyCalifornia: Los Angeles-based artist Martin “LA GIRDAM” Madrigal created this logo exclusively for the #YoSoyCalifornia campaign , encouraging latino-voter turnout on social media.


“I invite people to use the #YoSoyCalifonia hashtag, share the logo which was exclusively created for the campaign by artist Martin Madrigal and to tag me, when they’re out there voting or listening to the song or just with photos of whatever they feel #YoSoyCalifornia means to them,” said Leyo. “I hope people can stand behind this campaign and get united and I hope they like the message of the song.”


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