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Leyo talks Objetivo Fama, latest single “Vete con El” and East Los High

leyo has been collaborating on songs with aubrey logan.

Latin pop artist, Leonardo “Leyo” Mendez, who was featured on Season 5 of Univision’s singing talent show “Objetivo Fama”, is not shy to tell girls “Vete con El”.


In the lyrics of his latest single, Leyo boldly says, just “Leave with Him”, plain and simple.


Leyo has been working on new music and was featured on East Los High.

The Real Leyo: Leyo, a self-proclaimed, clown and funny guy, was first featured on live television on reality show and singing competition “Objetivo Fama”. (@officialleyo)

Leyo, who was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, and whose family is from Michoacan, Mexico, started singing when he was 12 years old.


However, it wasn’t until 2006 when Leyo’s music was first enjoyed by a television audience during his time on the reality show/ singing competition.


Objetivo Fama which was hosted by Mexican singer Yuri and aired on WLII, the Univision outlet in Puerto Rico and on Telefutura in the mainland United States, provided Leyo with the first real stage to show off his talent.


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“I started singing at church when I was younger,” said the 27-year-old artist in an interview with Press Pass Latino. “A lady at the Christian church my family went to heard me sing and told me she thought I had a great singing voice and that was kind of the starting point which inspired me to continue singing.”


However, Leyo admits his singing truly originated in the home, adding that his father, despite being a landscaper by trade was passionate about watching novelas which made it easy for him to learn the soundtracks of all them.


“I would constantly sing all the songs from all the novelas and from there I moved on to singing Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston,” he said.  “Little by little, I realized how much I loved it.”


Leyo recently released his new single Vete con El

Sing it Out: Leyo made his professional music debut in 2006’s Season 5 of Univision’s reality show/singing competition Objetivo Fama. (Photo courtesy of LeyoMendez.com)


On his seven months on Objetivo Fama:


“I went on the show and did really well, it was a great learning experience and allowed me to grow professionally. One of my favorite memories from my time living in Puerto Rico and participating on the show was that viewers quickly nicknamed me ‘el bufon de la casa’ , the jokester or the sort of clown of the house, and I think it let people get a real sense of my personality…


When we’d go out as a group, all of us contestants, people would randomly come up to me and ask me to laugh because people seemed to really like my laugh from hearing it on the show so that was really special and funny and of course, it made me laugh a carcajadas.”


Leyo made it to the semi-finals on Objetivo Fama and stayed in Puerto Rico a while after his elimination to participate in several television appearances and work with Univision on another project in which performed skits and celebrity interviews.


On his self-titled album and new single “Vete con El” :

“My album is self-titled, Leyo, and in the process of completing it I’ve recorded some songs and been working closely with Grammy award winning producer Corey Rooney, who has worked with Marc Anthony, Mariah Carey, Mary J Blige and countless others …and it’s truly been a privilege.”


Leyo sent his music to the producers of East Los High and they loved it.

Vete con El: Leyo’s new single “Vete con El” was featured on Season 3, Episode 2 of Hulu’s East Los High in which he also made a guest appearance. (Courtesy Leyomendez.com)


“We work very well together and he gets me. I’ve also recorded some covers with Jazz artist Aubrey Logan and we’ve been co-writing music as well and it’s been awesome. ‘Vete con El was recorded in Spanish and is basically telling your girl well if you don’t want to be with me then just leave with him and leave your spot open to a woman who does appreciate me.”


On filming an episode of Hulu’s East Los High:


“…A while back I sent my music to the producers of the show. I started watching East Los High on Hulu and I really liked it so I sent my music over to the producers and later on, I received a call from them saying that they’d probably be using my music for the next season and that they’d be interested in a guest appearance as well…”

Leyo worked with Cristina Milian and Vanessa Vasquez in an episode of East Los High.

Cruisin’ with Cristina: Singer songwriter Leyo and actress Cristina Milian pose on the set of East Los High. (@officialleyo on Instagram)

He added: “So, that’s my hustle, working on my music and putting myself out there but it’s been really worth it and this has been a huge dream of mine for a long time plus working on the episode of East Los with Cristina Milian and Vanessa Vasquez was so much fun so I hope you all can watch it.”


Leyo’s Vete con El and his special guest appearance are featured on Season 3, Episode 2 of Hulu’s original show East Los High.


For more on Leyo, his music and future musical appearances visit www.leyomendez.com.


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Vete con El is now available on i-tunes. You can listen to the track by clicking on the video below.



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