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Leslie Grace talks ‘Lloviendo Estrellas’, admits she’s in love

Leslie Grace talks about being in love

This year has been a year of many blessings for Bachata singer Leslie Grace. The 20-year-old born in New York and raised in Florida, said so herself during an interview with Press Pass Latino. She says she’s experienced so many career triumphs in the past few months that she decided to name her most recent E.P. ‘Lloviendo Estrellas’.

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“Lloviendo Estrellas’ basically means ‘Raining Stars’ but the significance of that is blessings coming from the sky,” said the former Latin Billboards nominee. “To me, a lot of great things have happened while I’ve been working on this music [Lloviendo Estrellas] and I consider each one of those things as a blessing, a star, coming from the sky and I’m glad that I get to share it now with everyone after such a long time.”

Leslie Grace talks about her latest E.P Lloviendo Estrellas

“This has been a year of many blessings,” says Leslie Grace in an interview with Press Pass Latino. (screen grab)

Leslie Grace tells us she considers her recent transition from former label Top Stop Music to new label, Sony Music U.S. Latin in April as one of the year’s biggest blessings.

“It has been a huge thing,” she said. “I’m very thankful to be part of the huge, amazing roster and I’m very glad to be working with a team that is so passionate and just as passionate as I am and I’m very excited for the future.”

Signing to Sony Music U.S Latin opens the door for new musical collaborations between Grace and other artists signed to the record label.

“When we [herself and record label executives] sit down to brainstorm, we think of all the collaborations we can do in house, it’s just about timing and finding the right time for all of us to get together and just jam out and see what we want to do creatively.”

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Other artists in Sony Music U.S. Latin’s roster include Carlos Vives, Gloria Estefan, Maluma, Prince Royce, Ricky Martin and Shakira among many others.

However, the year hasn’t only brought professional success for “La Princesa de la Bachata”. Grace admits many of the songs on “Lloviendo Estrellas” are autobiographical and that she helped pen most of them herself, inspired partly by a new love in her life.

“Yes! I AM in love!,” she gushes and giggles. “I won’t say say with who but yeah I’ll put that out there!”

Asked whether her secret leading man is in the music industry as well she says, “He’s not! But you guys will know him when the time is right.”

She adds: “At the end of the day, we’re all human and we just want someone who understands you, you know, who you are and what you’re about and that’s all that really, really does matter. As long as you’re up and willing for the ride that’s what truly keeps the relationship going.”

“Como Duele el Silencio” is the first single from “Lloviendo Estrellas” to be released in the U.S., though the full album is now available on iTunes.  Grace has also wrapped up filming the video for the song in which she worked with director Luis Miguel Leal and on-screen love interest and real life friend Alejandro Irizarry.

Leslie Grace laughs and says her on-screen love interest Alejandro Irizarry is just a good friend. However, she does admit her heart is taken. (screen grab)

Leslie Grace laughs and says her on-screen love interest Alejandro Irizarry is just a good friend. However, she does admit her heart is taken. (screen grab)

“Como Duele el Silencio” is one of the songs Grace considers to be autobiographical and which she helped co-write.

“I wanted to make it personal and give my fans music to listen to, there are girls that are my age that love to listen to Bachata but they’d love to hear to a story that they have gone through and lived through and I wanted to give them music to live with,” she said.

“I think that was very important and that’s a side of me that they’ll get to know through my music in this album.”

The Dominican Bachatera recently performed the song alongside American Regional Mexican singer Luis Coronel at Univision’s Premios Juventud 2015.

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