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WEPA!: What are Khriz y Angel doing in Miami?

Khriz y Angel shot their WEPA video in Miami.

Puerto Rican Reggaeton artists Khriz y Angel think that life is too short to be taken so seriously, that’s why the boys created a new party anthem that will have you throwing your hands up in the air and saying: WEPA!

That’s right! Wepa! that all too familiar party cry for Latinos everywhere.

Yes, Wepa a-lo-LeJuan James on vine!

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“This is that one song that when you’re feeling down or you’re feeling bored and you hear it come on the radio or hear it play in the club you just come alive and you can’t help but get up and dance,” said Khriz in an exclusive interview with Press Pass Latino on location at their video shoot in Miami.

“This is definitely a party song! We wanted to put all our energy and excitement into making this hit,” said Angel. “And judging by how much I’m sweating from jumping up and down dancing in the video, I can tell you that I think it’s working.”

The concept for the Wepa video was in perfect unison with the theme of the song and focused mainly on performance. There was no story line other than ‘Hey! Let’s party!’.

Khriz y Angel took the room dressed up in their signature reggaeton fashion, baggy pants, t-shirts with colorful prints and patterns and designer sneakers and of course they were accompanied by a slew of lovely ladies who danced take after take and obliged to the lyric in Wepa that says: “Wepa, Wepa, Wepa la rumba no para, Wepa, Wepa, Wepa la morena no para!” 

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“This is not a song just for people who listen to Reggaeton,” said Khriz. “It’s a song that we wanted to appeal to everyone because we realize that there’s a lot of sadness and many problems in this world and we wanted to bring some happiness to people’s lives.”

Wanting to balance the negatives in life might seem a tad ambitious but after listening to the catchy lyrics and upbeat rhythms of Wepa, it’s hard to stop yourself from busting a dance move and forgetting about that report your boss said he wanted by the end of the day. Kind of like that meme with the guy throwing his papers all over the floor?

If that’s not Wepa! I’m not sure what is.

But the lyrics of Khriz y Angel’s new song are not the only thing that’s catchy. The good vibes and positive energy emanating from both of them are even more so.

The boys joke with each other as if they were brothers and sticking true to their mantra of not taking life too seriously, they don’t take themselves too seriously either.

In between cuts Angel playfully steals a chicken wing from a production assistant on set meanwhile Khriz tries to call his attention.

“Hey! Can’t you hear me? I’m calling you!” says Khriz. “I know but can’t you see I’m trying to take this chicken wing!” answers Angel.

“Yeah, but can’t you multitask?” he retorts.

“I’ve made children while texting you, that’s how well I can multitask,” laughs Angel.

Wepa, Wepa, Wepa! 

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