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Singer Jose Montoro finds success in Bachata world

Jose Montoro's Loca de Atar is his latest single.
Jose Montoro is a Spanish artist from Valencia, Spain

Jose Montoro, born in Valencia, Spain, has been living in Dominican Republic and working on his Bachata/Latin Pop music career. (Courtesy of Jose Montoro)

Jose Montoro started playing the guitar with the sole purpose of hooking up with girls.

He was 15 years old and only knew a few riffs his father taught him. He learned and practiced on an old acoustic guitar which had been laying around somewhere in his Valencia, Spain, home for a long time.

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“The guitar was the typical old acoustic guitar parents sometimes have laying around the house and it was almost like a forgotten object,” said Montoro, 33, who has gone far beyond using music as a tool to attract women and has turned it into an up and coming professional career.

“My journey with music started very lightheartedly and as a hobby almost but soon I realized that I really like being able to document my experiences through songs and now I’m constantly playing around with my pen and jotting down feelings, ideas and experiences and turning them into music.”

Montoro has developed his guitar playing abilities through the years, mainly through self-education, but he makes note of the importance of singing lessons, saying he’s been undergoing voice lessons and participating in voice training activities for the past seven years.

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Back in his homeland, Spain, Montoro formed part of popular, rock cover band “La Tribu”. He served as the band’s musical director and lead singer and performed about 80 concerts a year for nearly a decade. However, he felt it was time to venture out on his own and do something new.

Jose Montoro got his big break on Television Espanola

Jose Montoro launched his professional singing career in Spain’s Uno de los Nuestros singing competition on RTVE. (Courtesy of RTVE)

Enter: RTVE’s Uno de los Nuestros, a music, humor and variety show airing on Televisión Española, a lo America’s Got Talent, to an audience of about 2,000,000 people. Montoro jumped at the chance to audition and made it as a finalist on the show.

However, despite going far in the competition he didn’t win the coveted first place. Even so, his participation on Uno de los Nuestros made Montoro’s dream of becoming a bachata and latin pop sensation grow stronger.

“Being a part of Uno de los Nuestros was a blessing and an unforgettable experience,” said Montoro. “It reassured me that I had what it takes to make it as a singer and was a launching pad of sorts for the work I’m doing now.”

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But something was still missing. Montoro knew if he really wanted to pursue life as a professional singer, he was to say goodbye to his beloved Valencia and break one or two hearts along the way.

“It might sound bad for me to say this but I just felt like I couldn’t do what I needed to do to grow in my career while living in Spain,” he said. “I really tried, believe me, but it just didn’t work out that way.”

“So, I had to pack up and move to Dominican Republic, the birthplace of Bachata, and be closer to my management team, which is from there, and just focus on my music…the only sad part was that it cost me my relationship with my girlfriend at the time because she said to me ‘If you go, it’s over’ and as much as it hurt I had to grab my guitar and go because this is what I’ve wanted to do my entire life.”

Jose Montoro's Loca de Atar is his latest single.

Loca de Atar is Jose Montoro’s latest single from his first E.P. “Incontrolable” . (Courtesy of Jose Montoro)

Montoro describes everything that’s happened since then as “a train which can’t be stopped”. He’s collaborated with prominent Dominican rapper Vaquero on “Sexy Love”, shared the stage with Spanish singer Alex Ubago, and is now promoting “Loca de Atar”, the latest single from his first E.P. titled “Incontrolable”.

For the past year, he’s been living and working in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and has an apartment in Miami he stays at often.

But why Bachata, a genre with roots so far removed from Spain?

Montoro laughs and says, “You’re right!, actually I don’t think there are any other singers who perform Bachata songs and are from Spain, beside probably Enrique Iglesias and myself, but I just feel so grateful and so much love for the people of Dominican Republic because they’ve welcomed me with open arms and really helped me succeed in my career so I felt it was just fitting to try my hand at Bachata and I honestly love it.”

Still, Montoro doesn’t want to put himself in any boxes and says his style is a mixture of Bachata and Latin Pop music, something more like a fun, upbeat, remix and not your typical Bachata tunes.

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He set his sights high and would like to one day collaborate with singers Alejandro Sanz, Luis Fonsi and Pitbull. He would also love to write and produce songs solely in English.

“My main goal, however, is to sentir el calor del publico,” he said, to feel warmth, love and acceptance from fans of his music; a goal which might soon be accomplished considering his song “Hay Algo en el Aire” has been on Billboard’s Top 40 for the past three weeks since its release.

Jose Montoro made appearances in Univision’s morning show Despierta America, Mira TV’s Mira Que Trending and on several shows on Mega TV. He’s currently on a promotional tour with stops in Chile, Colombia and Venezuela. For more information about Jose Montoro’s music visit www.josemontoro.com.


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