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Reggaeton singer Jory Boy asks “¿Por qué cambiar?”

Jory Boy making it in the competitive Reggaeton music world.
Jory Boy is the hottest new Reggaeton star out of Puerto Rico.

Jory Boy films a new music video alongside the team at Casablanca Records. (Photo by @_youngcruz)

Reggaeton star Jory Boy has no desire to change anything about himself.

And why would he? The 29-year-old, Carolina, Puerto Rico, native is enjoying one of the sweetest stages of his career after experiencing much success with his second single,  “¿Por qué cambiar?” featuring Plan B, from his first solo album “Matando la Liga”.

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However, Jory Boy’s rise in the ultra competitive Reggaeton and latin urban music movement is not as sudden as it may seem.

Jory Boy wrote his first song at age 14, shortly after his father’s death, who was unexpectedly shot down in the streets of Puerto Rico.

Jory Boy started his career when he was 13 years old.

Jory Boy started his music career after penning a song about his father’s death shortly after he was murdered in his homeland, Puerto Rico. (Courtesy Jory Boy)

“The song was originally a letter to my father,” said Jory Boy in an interview with Press Pass Latino. “I remember I recorded it on a cassette, I just started singing the song, without stopping, and a friend of mine who heard me told me ‘Hey, I think you could make it as a singer’ and that’s kind of where it all began.”

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Jory Boy, who is now 29, also remembers growing up in the same neighborhood as Reggaeton recording artists Zion y Lennox, who he developed a friendship with and often played basketball with in Puerto Rico’s “Ceramica” barrio.

He recently visited Miami on a promotional tour for his “Matando La Liga” album, in which he made stops on Univision’s morning show Despierta America and the now concluded Sabado Gigante hosted by Don Francisco, as well as on Telemundo’s Acceso Total. 

After spending time in the Magic City, Jory Boy made his way to the Big Apple in October, where he held the first of a slew of concert dates. The “Matando La Liga” tour includes appearances in different U.S cities, as well as South American and European countries and will extend into January of 2016.

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“Matando La Liga” earned a number one spot on iTunes for four consecutive days and the single “Quedate Conmigo” was the number five song on Billboards. 

Jory Boy is a Reggaeton recording artist from Puerto Rico.

Jory Boy’s first solo album “Matando La Liga” made it to the top of the billboard charts and was number one on iTunes for four consecutive days. (Photo Courtesy of Jory Boy)

Jory Boy Quick Response Game: 

Second Home: Orlando, Florida. My mom, siblings and wife live there.

Celebrity you’d like to work with next: The Weekend. I’d love to collaborate with him and I think his style mixed with my Reggaeton music would be a hit.

Love: My wife. She trusts me and accompanies me to many events to show me her support. She lets me be me and understands the sacrifices my career sometimes requires so for me when you say love she’s the first thing that comes to mind, other than music, of course [laughs].

Social Media: Love it! I manage my own accounts…and always write back…that’s why I think my fans are so aggressive when it comes to defending me from the famous haters. I always read the “battles” that take place on my comments and love to read all the love they have for me…so much cariñito! If anyone posts anything negative about me they always defend me and always have my back.


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