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Jesse Medeles gears up to release second single “Amor”

Jesse Medeles has performed for Pride Parade.
Jess Medeles will soon release Amor.

Recording artist Jesse Medeles is gearing up to release his second single “Amor” after finding success with “Sucia”. (Photo courtesy of Jesse Medeles/Instagram).

Mexican-American recording artist Jesse Medeles, 23, released his first single “Sucia” in October of 2015, now the Los Angeles based singer is gearing up to release his second studio production “Amor”.

“I think everyone of us has an angel and devil on our shoulder, you know a little diablito, and I think that’s what ‘Sucia’ was for me plus it’s the type of song that really makes you want to get up and dance,” said Medeles in an interview with Press Pass Latino.

“But now ‘Amor’ is showing that genuine, more vulnerable and softer side of me.”

However, he adds: “but don’t worry I’m still adding a little sexiness to it.”

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Medeles, who was born and raised in Laredo, Texas, has a bachelor’s degree in Health Administration. He also holds a personal training certification. However, since the age of seven when Medeles worked alongside his grandparents in “La Labor”, picking crops in Texas’ farm fields, he’s known music is his true passion.

Jesse Medeles first single was titled "Sucia".

Jesse Medeles shot a video for his first single “Sucia”. The artist has come a long way from his days working the farm fields with his grandparents. (Photo courtesy of Jesse Medeles/ Instagram).

“We worked la sandia, la cebolla, las pajas, I would go with my grandfather picking el melon and help the people, who were cleaning and cutting the fruit and the ones loading the truck,” said Medeles. “But I would always sing while I worked and I would always crack jokes with the other workers so I would constantly make everyone laugh.”

When Medeles returned to work after missing a day the field workers, who affectionately referred to him as “güero”, a slang term for fair skinned or light haired people, told him “Oye, güero, we were so bored without you! We missed your jokes and songs!” 

Comments which served to fuel Medeles’ dreams.

“I want to inspire people in La Labor to pursue their dreams,” he said. “So, that’s why I had to follow mine. Sometimes when people make it big in this industry they forget that they’re just a regular person and I never want to forget that but I can’t see my life without doing this and without being able to entertain and inspire others.”

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Jesse Medeles was raised by his grandmother.

Medeles cites his grandmother as one of his biggest supporters. (Photo courtesy of Jesse Medeles/Instagram)

Growing up as the middle child in a family of six was not always easy and Medeles remembers hard times when his family’s light and water were cut off. But he also has sweet memories of his time living in his grandmother’s home.

“My grandmother is everything to me, she’s like my mother,” said Medeles. “When I’m with her I feel at home and I feel so loved. Every year I go back to Texas just to receive her bendición.”

Medeles cites his grandmother as one of his biggest supporters and holds all the times she told him she believed in him as one of his motivations for not giving up.

“She’d say ‘Ay Jesse! Tantos sueños pero yo creo en ti.

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Now, Medeles is well on his way to fulfilling his musical aspirations. He’s recently been working with music producer J2, who has collaborated with Beyonce, LL Cool J, and Shakira, in Los Angeles.

“J2 and I have been vibing in the studio and working on some really creative and exciting stuff,” said Medeles. “We’ve been mixing Indian fusion sounds with Reggaeton and throwing in some of that Egyptian guitar but of course I’m also pulling sounds from my Latino roots and incorporating la guitarra and urban music so I’m definitely excited about the future.”

Jesse Medeles hanging out on stage with Ivy Queen.

Jesse Medeles taking shots on stage with Ivy Queen after one of her performances in which he was the opening act. (Photo courtesy of Jesse Medeles/Instagram).

Medeles’ Career Highlights: 

  • Opening for Ivy Queen: “Working with Ivy Queen was awesome. I don’t usually like drinking alcohol but taking shots with her on stage at the show and talking to her backstage about the industry are definitely two of my favorite memories. She was humble and encouraging.”
  • Opening for Ana Barbara: “Ana Barbara knows how to rock a show! She’s so nice and to me she was like a real life princess.”
  • Nabbing an Award for “Best Performer”: Medeles won an award for “Best Performer” at Houston’s Autorama Show in 2014.


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