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Jason Cerda Y Papayo release new single ‘Ay Amor’

Latin Pop sensation Jason Cerda.

Latin pop sensation Jason Cerda is back with a new single, ‘Ay Amor’ Ft. Papayo and we have to say we’re already a fan.

Cerda, who took a bit of a break to work on another personal project of his (CERDAfied Dance Studios) wanted to reinvent his sound with this new single ‘Ay Amor’.

The song combines Reggaeton with some of the new Lain Urban melodies. The song is about passion and desire from “the other man’s” a.k.a. “the side dude” point of view.

Our reporter Jaclyn Diaz caught up with the pop star where they chat about his new single ‘Ay Amor’, his project Cerdafied Dance Studios and how his collaboration with Papayo came about.


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Jaclyn Diaz holds a BA in Mass Communications from Florida International University. She worked at WSVN Channel 7 for five years and covered entertainment events for Deco Drive. Jackie has contributed articles to 53-weeks.com; a mom blog, ExclusiveAcess.net and OurBrickell.com. She's now freelancing as a reporter. You can keep up with Jackie on Instagram @jackie_sd

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