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J Alvarez releases “J Alvarez Desde Puerto Rico Live”, dreams of Grammy

J Alvarez is one of the most humble reggaeton artists in the music industry.

J Alvarez, Puerto Rican Reggaeton music recording artist,  has performed at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico in San Juan. He’s sold out el Teatro Bellas Artes de Santurce. He’s collaborated with world renown Colombian singer Carlos Vives  on tracks “Volvi a Nacer” and “La Foto de los Dos” and toured extensively in the U.S., Latin America and Europe.

On his latest single “Quiero Experimentar” from his “J Alvarez Desde Puerto Rico” album, 32-year-old Alvarez, sings about experiencing every man’s fantasy: a threesome.

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However, in our latest interview with the star, J Alvarez spoke to us candidly about another type of fantasy, something he’s been daydreaming about for a while now.

“I’d like to win many awards, I’m dying to experience what it feels like to accept an award and go up on stage,” said J Alvarez.

“I’d like to win a Grammy, or a Premio Lo Nuestro, something, you know whichever award it is, I’ll feel happy because I think it would make me feel accomplished and recognized within the Reggaeton and Urban music movement, I see it like when a basketball player wins an NBA Championship, so definitely I’d say that’s a goal of mine in my career.”

He added: “I want to experience that sensation, like what would it be like, sometimes I think about it and say ‘Wow, that would be a dream come true!’ to be up there [accepting an award].”

J Alvarez is currently on a promotional tour for his album J Alvarez Desde Puerto Rico Live.

J Alvarez’s “J Alvarez Desde Puerto Rico Live” is the Reggaeton star’s fifth studio production. (Image courtesy of Beats Communications.)

And if and when that moment comes, who would the “Quiero Experimentar” singer dedicate the honor to?

“I’d dedicate the award to my two sons and to my fans, my fans are an extension of my family, they’re warriors and they’ve battled it out with me, they know who they are,” said J Alvarez.

“I have many fans who are real, hard core fans, they’re there with me every day, 24 hours a day, with me, talking to me on social media and motivating me to keep on producing tracks they talk to me saying, ‘Hey J release a song!’ and are always closely following my career.”

Rumors of a feud between Reggaeton star Daddy Yankee and J Alvarez surfaced when Daddy Yankee allegedly disliked J Alvarez’s verse on the song “Alerta Roja” which featured 15 other Reggaeton artists.

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According to Ipauta.com, a lead source for news in the Reggaeton music genre, Daddy Yankee didn’t include J Alvarez’s verse in the song because he didn’t like it, to which J Alvarez said:

J Alvarez sings "Te Quiero Convencer".

Behind the Scenes: J Alvarez sings “Te Quiero Convencer” to Press Pass Latino editor Daysi Calavia-Robertson on the Selfie Cam. (Screengrab Press Pass Latino).

“I’m not mad at Daddy Yankee, it’s his song and he didn’t like my verses and that’s why I wasn’t featured on the song but to my fans I say ‘just stay calm’  I’m gonna keep working on my flow and my songs and I have nothing against Daddy Yankee, remember this is a business and it seems that Daddy Yankee didn’t want the song to be criticized because of my verse.”

J Alvarez uses the controversy involving “Alerta Roja” and Daddy Yankee as a prime example of  how passionate his fans are about him and his music.

“I thank them so much for being with me in and good and bad times and being on my side no matter what, they don’t care if the whole world turns against them,” he said.

“They’re such loyal fans and they’ll go on social media and write posts defending me and they’ll send me messages to inspire me and motivate me and that’s why I stand my ground, firmly, and I’m not going to let them down.”

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“J Alvarez Desde Puerto Rico Live”, includes 30 songs, each filmed live in concert during his “De Camino Pa’ La Cima” tour, and is now available on all music sale platforms including Itunes.

Check out the “Quiero Experimentar” video below:


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