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J Alvarez makes New York sizzle with “La Temperatura”

J Alvarez talks about his latest single "La Temperatura"

Reggaeton artist, J Alvarez’s latest single “La Temperatura” will blow out your stereo. The music video for the song has already gone viral with over one million hits on Vevo.

However, Alvarez likes staying close to his fans and earlier this month made a few pit-stops in New York City for a very special club tour.

He performed his temperature-raising hit “La Temperatura” for fans and had a few meet-and-greets.

J Alvarez also hung out in New Jersey where the Puerto Rican artist said he received a lot of love from his followers, specifically those in the Dominican community.

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The video for “La Temperatura”, a song produced by Luny Tunes, was shot in a Miami junkyard. Its creative, catchy lyrics and hip-moving beats make it a shoe-in for the club and party scene and is a perfect song to dance to.

“If you’re bored or sad, you’re going to get happy when you hear this song,” said Alvarez. “The song’s message is to just live your life and be happy.”

In the “La Temperatura” video Alvarez is joined by several hot back up dancers, making the shoot all the more sizzling and sexy.

“Shooting in Miami was like a dream come true,” said the Reggaeton star, who confessed he hopes to work in another Miami location in the near future.

But J Alvarez’s music isn’t only a phenomenon in the United States. He recently performed in Latin America and Puerto Rico. The August concert date in his homeland was completely sold out.

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It comes as no surprise for a star like J Alvarez whose career began when he started drawing a strong following on social media outlets Youtube and Twitter.

His next stops take him to Atlanta, Georgia where he’ll perform at Club Fuego and later back to the Magic City where he’ll perform in several Latinwe Latin Grammy street parties.

Despite, his escalating fame and hectic schedule, J Alvarez remains a humble family man. When he goes on tour, he does so accompanied by his wife and twin boys.

“My family is the heart of my career,” he said. “Being a husband and father to my boys is an extremely special gift and the support I get from my family is what keeps me going.”

Alvarez signed to recording label Flow Music in 2009 and that same year released “El Dueño Del Sistema”. In 2012, he released “Otro Nivel De Musica Reloaded.”

His second album did so well that he was nominated for the Best Urban Album at the Latin Music Awards. His latest album,  “De Camino Pa La Cima” features collaborations with Daddy Yankee, Mackie, and Zion.

“I’d like to work with rappers Drake and Meek Mills next,” said J Alvarez, who admits he relates to both rappers’ fashion sense and lifestyle.

“Both of them are workaholics and have strong family values like me.”

When exactly will this collaboration happen? As of yet, nothing is set in stone but J says fans should stay tuned.

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