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J Alvarez on “De Camino Pa’ La Cima” and his time off tour

J Alvarez performs on stage

There’s no doubt that recording artist J Alvarez, famous for hit songs like “La Pregunta”, is on his way to the top. The Puerto Rican singer-songwriter recently initiated his media tour to promote his fourth studio production appropriately titled “De camino pa’ la cima: Reloaded 2.0”.

“The album debuted at #2 as the most downloaded production on ITunes and it’s something I’m very proud of,” said Alvarez in an interview with Press Pass Latino.

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But the ITunes list is not the only list Alvarez is topping with his recently released album.   “De Camino Pa’ La Cima: Reloaded 2.0”, has also seen immense success on the Billboard Charts reaching #1 on the charts for best selling  “Latin Rhythm Albums” and #3 on SoundScan’s “Top Latin Album” list.

J Alvarez is one of the most humble reggaeton artists in the music industry.

J Alvarez’s “De Camino Pa’ La Cima”  has reached #1 on Billboard Charts best selling “Latin Rhythm Albums”.  (Courtesy J Alvarez)

The rest of the year promises to be a busy one for Alvarez, who will be touring heavily across the United States and Latin America. However, aside from being a latin urban music recording artist, J Alvarez is also a dedicated father.

“When I’m not on tour I try to spend every minute I can with my twin sons,” he said. “I like playing basketball with them and teaching them tricks on the court.”

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Alvarez was adamant about the fact that his family is one of his main priorities and says that if he’s not on stage performing to thousands of screaming fans your best bet is that he’s spending quality time with his boys.

“Because of the demands of my career that time is limited,” said J Alvarez. “So, I try to make it up whenever I can.”

Behind J Alvarez’s bad boy demeanor, explicit song lyrics, and high profile lifestyle is the core of a family man who clings on tight to humility. While other artists may quickly grow tired of signing autographs and taking photos with fans, Alvarez keeps his cool and doesn’t shy away from “just one more picture.”

Perhaps it’s because he has worked so hard to build his empire from the ground up.

“One of my favorite things or the things that I find most important about my new album is the cover,” said Alvarez. “The photo on the cover reveals all the struggles and hardships I faced on my journey to get to where I am today.”

His experiences have served as the building blocks for his success, a stair way of sorts to “La Cima”.

For more of the latest details of his recently released production, check out the video above.  J.Alvarez opened up to us about what went into creating “De Camino Pa’ La Cima: Reloaded 2.0”.

J Alvarez's latest album "De Camino Pa' La Cima" has been very successful.

J Alvarez says the cover of his latest album “De Camino Pa’ La Cima” accurately portrays his journey to the top. (Courtesy J Alvarez)



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