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II Volo boys talk Latin Billboards 2014

When Piero Barone, GianLuca Ginoble and Ignazio Boschetto, the Italian heartthrobs from II Volo, first came on the scene in 2010 they revolutionized the classical music world and made opera cool again.

Their second album “We Are Love” featured collaborations with high profile artists such as Eros Ramazzotti and Placido Domingo, and showcased original music written specifically for them.

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Now, the II Volo boys are ready to conquer other genres of music and have their sights set on doing just what their name implies, “flying” high.

While Piero would like to work with Spanish crooner Alejandro Sanz, GianLuca dreams of performing alongside Justin Timberlake and Ignazio wants to sing with Stevie Wonder.

Il Volo performs a concert on stage at Bogota, Colombia.

Piero Baritone, Ignazio Boschetto and GianLuca Ginoble, the boys from Il Volo, perform in Bogota, Colombia. (Photo by Jhuan Raul de la Sierra)

We may not be sure as to which exact collaborations we can expect on their upcoming production but one thing’s for sure, II Volo is nowhere close to slowing down.

“The only place to go is up,” said Ignazio in an interview with Press Pass Latino in Miami.

“There are many artists we admire and would love to share the stage with and I’m confident that one day we will.”

The opera house masters performed alongside Mexican beauty Belinda at last year’s Latin Billboard Awards.

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This year they will be presenting an award and snagged two nominations in the categories of “Best Latin Album” and “Best Musical Group”.

“Being nominated for a Latin Billboard Award feels great,” said GianLuca. “It’s like how it feels for an actor when they are nominated for an Oscar. It’s amazing.”

The secret to II Volo’s success? “I think the secret to our success is the love we have for each other,” said Piero.

“If you see three guys on stage and they love each other, the audience can feel that and if you see three guys on stage that hate each other the audience can feel that too.”

“Yes, it’s the key,” said GianLuca in a teasing manner. “The key that unlocks all the doors.”

Witnessing the interaction between all three boys you wouldn’t think you’re in the presence of two tenors and a baritone, three of the world’s most powerful voices at the moment.

You’d easily confuse them for brothers or childhood best friends. Just three teenagers constantly bantering and busting each other’s chops on a hot Miami afternoon.

The only difference is this trio will also be arriving at the Latin Billboards in a limo.

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