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Happy Birthday Marc Anthony!

Marc Anthony spoke out about Donald Trump at the Mandalay Bay Arena in Las Vegas.
Marc Anthony share his birthday with Mexico's Independence Day.

Marc Anthony, currently on the UNIDO2 tour, with Colombian vallenato star, Carlos Vives, told concertgoers at the Mandalay Bay Arena in Las Vegas that his birthday coincided with Mexico’s Independence Day. (Photo Courtesy of MarcAnthonyOnline.com)

Everyone’s favorite Puerto Rican salsero, Marc Anthony, turns 47 today! And though we’re not exactly sure how the Vivir mi Vida singer is celebrating his birthday, he’s currently on the UNIDO2 Tour, alongside beloved Colombian vallenato singer, Carlos Vives.

Marc Anthony and Vives’ most recent stop was Tuesday, September 15th, at Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay Arena.

According to an article on Billboard, in a pause between songs, Anthony took advantage of the opportunity to address the crowd of nearly 12,000 about his thoughts on presidential candidate Donald Trump, calling him a “son a b—-!”.

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Marc Anthony, who is not one to talk about politics publicly, went on to say:

“We’re Latinos, no matter where you come from, in my country they call me Puerto Rican. In your country they call you Mexican, Guatemalan. But here, in the United States, we are f–king Latinos. We are one! I’m sorry, I normally don’t talk about this stuff but I’m just sick and tired.”

The salsa music icon also made mention of his upcoming birthday, telling concert goers that it coincided with Mexico’s Independence Day, to which the crowd responded with applause and cheers, singing an impromptu version “Happy Birthday” dedicated to the star.

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Marc Anthony turns 47 on September 16th.

Puerto Rican salsa star, Marc Anthony, turns 47 today. (Press Pass Latino Instagram.)

Marc Anthony, who was born in New York City in 1968, was touched by the crowd’s gesture, thanked them and let them know he felt the experience was “priceless”.

What many of his fans might not know, is that Marc Anthony’s parents named him after Mexican singer, Marco Antonio Muniz, a Mexican singer, who was popular in their homeland, Puerto Rico.

As for future projects, the now 47-year-old singer and actor has confirmed his appearance in the last episode of Univision’s longest-running TV program, “Sabado Gigante”, where he will help other Latin music star’s wish host “Don Francisco” (Mario Kreutzberger) farewell. Once again, we’d like to extend a warm, Happy Birthday, to one of Latin music’s greatest: Happy Birthday, Marc!


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