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Genesis Rodriguez dishes on her anti-aging secret and talks melanoma

Genesis Rodriguez is an actress, tv star and melanoma awareness ambassador.

Cuban-Venezuelan film actress and telenovela star Genesis Rodriguez, 28, spends most of her time between Los Angeles and Miami and is currently working on several productions.


However, Rodriguez, who is best known in the English language market for giving life to the role of Honey Lemon, opposite Damon Wayans Jr., Maya Rudolph, T.J. Miller and Jamie Chung in Disney’s animated feature BIG HERO 6, is enjoying a very different role.


She’s speaking out about melanoma and sun safety and spreading awareness about how skin cancer affects Hispanics, as one of L’Oreal Paris’ newest brand ambassadors.


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Genesis Rodriguez speaks out about melanoma and skin cancer awareness.

Melanoma Awareness Ambassador: Genesis Rodriguez encourages Latinas to protect their skin by putting on sun screen before going out into the sun. (Photo courtesy L’Oreal Paris)


“Sometimes because of the fact that some of us [Latinos] have darker complexions,”said Genesis Rodriguez in an interview with Press Pass Latino.


“We tend to think that we don’t need to put on any sunscreen or protect ourselves from the harmful rays of the sun simply because we think we’re naturally tan but that’s entirely not true.”


Rodriguez may be right on the money. A study held in 2013 by researchers at The Cancer Institute of New Jersey (CINJ) and published in the JAMA Dermatology journal found that there’s insufficient skin cancer prevention programs targeting Latinos.


And though skin cancer rates are low among Hispanics once diagnosed they have lower survival rates than people of other races, mainly because they’re usually diagnosed at a more advanced stage.



Rodriguez, who also appeared as a recurring role in HBO’s Entourage and in films Identity Thief, What to Expect When You’re Expecting, and Casa de Mi Padre, notes that 90% of skin cancer cases are preventable while the other 10% are hereditary. She also opened up about her own family history with skin cancer.


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“Melanoma awareness is very important to me, in fact it affected my family and affected me because I saw my family go through it,” she said. “My grandmother had it on her nose and on her arms and my tio abuelo, which is my grandfather’s brother, had it on his nose and on his face basically and it’s like there’s a hole on your face.”


Rodriguez says she was 2o years old when skin cancer issues surfaced within her family and points at that time in her life as the time in which she started paying more attention to her beauty routine. Although, she recognizes that her mother had been talking to her about sun safety and skin protection a long time before that.


“I think it’s such a stupid cancer because it’s so easy to avoid, you actually just put something on your skin and then you don’t get it!,” she said. “It’s that easy!”


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Genesis Rodriguez talks about melanoma and skin cancer.

Sun Safety First: Genesis Rodriguez talks about her family history with melanoma and skin cancer. (Video Still Press Pass Latino)


Despite all the health benefits of putting on sun screen and of tans in a can, Genesis Rodriguez says protecting her skin from the sun is also about vanity and preventing wrinkles. She encourages fans who want to look as youthful and beautiful as she does to use sun protection as an anti-aging beauty tip.


“Hollywood stars aren’t baking in the sun, people, they wrinkle!,” said Rodriguez. “I want to stress that what we do is self tanning, let’s replace baking in the sun with self tanning and there shouldn’t be a taboo about it, there’s great smelling ones and L’Oreal has great products, I mean I use them.”


Rodriguez is set to star in the upcoming comedy-horror flick, Yoga Hosers, due for release later this year and psychological thriller, Home out in 2016.


For more information on melanoma awareness and skin cancer prevention check out the Melanoma Research Alliance on Facebook or visit  www.curemelanoma.org 


 L’Oréal Paris supports MRA’s efforts by donating $1 every time a bottle of Advanced Suncare, SPF day moisturizers or Sublime Bronze Sunless tanners are purchased.


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