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Gabriel Iglesias opens up about The Fluffy Movie and life on stage

Gabriel Iglesias is no stranger to the stage.

He knows what it’s like having a microphone in his hand and exactly what to say and do to make audiences burst into laughs.

“Go ahead, you can ask me anything!,” said the Long Beach, California native. “I’m not like those celebrities that say ‘oh, I won’t talk about this.”

“Ok then, what color are your chones?”

“Oh yeah, we can talk about that!,” he bounces back and just like that the room erupts into oh-so-familiar sounds.

“I’ve been doing this for seventeen years,” said Iglesias, who is just a couple of weeks away from the release of “The Fluffy Movie” on July 25th.

“The Fluffy Movie” is his first ever comedy concert film and intertwines some of Iglesias’ most personal stories with the funny skits which have made him so popular.

“I’m very passionate about this one. This is not a regular movie,” he said. “This is me.”

Iglesias who is known for not holding back confirms that time he will go “balls out” and do everything possible to secure the success of “The Fluffy Movie”.

Being able to see through to the completion of “The Fluffy Movie” has been a long time dream for Iglesias.

“I saw Eddy Murphy RAW years ago and that was the first comedy show that I’d ever seen and it was a stand up concert film,” he said.

“You can probably count on two hands how many concert films there’s been, Richard Pryor, Eddy Murphy, I think Kings of Comedy, Kevin Hart,” said Iglesias.

“So to be part of that small elite group it’s like ‘wow‘ because even Carlin didn’t do one or Robbin Williams and those are two of the guys that I really look up to, so to be given that opportunity to take your show to that next level, why wouldn’t you take it?”

Iglesias credits his strong social media following as the main reason “The Fluffy Movie” producers took a leap of faith on the Latino comedian and offered him the chance to work on the project.

“They saw the potential in what I had,” said 37-year-old Iglesias. “So, I said ‘Yeah, let’s do it!”

"The Fluffy Movie" hits theaters July 25th.

“This is not just a regular movie, this is me,” said Iglesias of his first movie project “The Fluffy Movie” due in theaters in late July. (Photo Courtesy of Open Road Films)

Iglesias was commissioned to produce 90 minutes of new material in less than a year. This presented somewhat of a challenge for “the fluffy guy” who was forced to dig deep within himself to come up with fresh jokes.

“It got really personal, really fast,” he said.

“I start off my special talking about my Type II Diabetes and how I had to drop 100 pounds and I had to establish that up front because people know me as “the fluffy guy” and now all of a sudden I’m not so fluffy and people are like ‘what’s going on, is this CGI?”

For Iglesias it’s important to keep his audience in the loop and make sure everyone knows he’s not “going Hollywood“.

Whether he likes to admit it or not because of his humble nature, after “The Fluffy Movie” hits theaters he may already be well on his way.

“So, when was the moment when you knew you made it?”

“I still haven’t.”


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