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5 Creative gift ideas for your Valentine

On Valentine's Day cook a homemade meal for your loved one.

The most romantic day of the year is just a few days away, so is the pressure of finding the right gift. We all know how important it is to find the right gift. But let’s be honest and get down to the nitty gritty.

At the end of the night, we’re just hoping to get lucky. And that could all depend on what you’ve bought and planned for your sweetie. And fellas, I have to tell you, there’s no better time to tap into your inner Nicholas Sparks than on Valentine’s Day.

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Lucky for you, we have come up with a few creative, naughty and nice gift ideas that will help you get your Marvin Gay and Get It On. 

On Valentine's Day cook a homemade meal for your loved one.

Dinner for two: This Valentine’s Day enjoy an intimate and stress free “personal chef” experience.

  1. Hire a Personal Chef for the Night – If you’ve ever gone out to a restaurant on Valentine’s day you know how chaotic it can be. The wait is usually long, most places are at full capacity and chances are the service won’t be great.How about staying in and having a more intimate dinner with a personal chef who comes to your house and cooks a meal for the two of you. Nothing is more romantic than not having to cook, clean or wait.  The Personal Chef of your choice will come to your home, cook a meal of your liking and clean the mess before leaving. This of course will save some time for both of you and you can get it on sooner than later.
Design your own M&M Photo Courtesy of mymms.com

Melts in your heart, not in your hand: Design your own M&M for your sweetheart and you’ll surely melt their hearts. (Photo courtesy of mymms.com)

2. Melts in your heart, not in your hand, personalized M&Ms – Nowadays, everything is about pictures. We want to capture everything and we want to share it. M&M has created a really cool gift idea for that special paparazzi in your life. You can now create and design your very own M&M.

Yes, you read right. You can upload your favorite picture and add a special message on a bag full of M&Ms. A sweet gift for someone who enjoys taking pictures and who loves chocolate.

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Customize your love story with Lovebook. (Photo courtesy of Our Love Story Book.) Courtesy of LoveBookOnline.com

Customize your love story with Lovebook. (Photo courtesy of Our Love Story Book.)
Courtesy of LoveBookOnline.com

3. Your love story is the greatest love story of all, tell it in a customized book – One of the greatest love stories of all time was Romeo and Juliet which was written by the celebrated english poet and playwright William Shakespeare, until now.

LoveBookOnline allows you to write your very own unique love story.You can customize the book title, choose a book cover and you can even make the characters look like you.

I’m sure this story will have a happy ending. Valentine’s Day is about professing your love for one another and showing your sweetie how much you care.

Make love to your partner on a canvas and make art.

Get creative and artsy with your significant other, roll around together on a canvas. (Photo courtesy of LoveisArt@instagram)

4. Love in a Kit, make love, make art – What better way to express your love than through abstract expressionism.

The Love -Is- Art kit, allows couples to capture intimacy in a new way, by bringing the canvas into the bedroom and allowing couples to create a one-of-a-kind art piece.

This unique painting will create a tangible piece of your bond to hang on a wall and an add a whole new meaning to the phrase “painting with a twist”.

This Valentine's Day give your loved one a vibrator

Feel the vibrations: The Leo Lyla features a wireless remote with a 39-foot range. (Photo courtesy of lelo.com)

5. Feel the Vibrations – This next gift idea is a little naughty but oh-so-nice for the two of you. Want to explore and embrace your adventurous side?

The Lelo Lyla vibrator lets you do just that! With a wireless remote helps bring a whole new meaning to foreplay. The wireless remote massager has a 39-foot range that adjusts vibrations with a simple tilt.

It’s a fun way to enjoy pleasure and excitement where ever you go and it’s a gift that can be enjoyed by the both of you.

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