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Fishtail Braids That Are Perfect For Fall

When you’ve got a full day of on the agenda or if you’re ready to head in the streets for the weekend and that on the go schedule may slide right into evening– you’ll need a hairstyle that’s neat, fuss-free, and easily transitions from day to night. Braids for days is the name of the game. Braids have made a serious statement on the runway for this season. No matter the type, be it waterfall, braided chignons, milkmaid, a classic French, fishtail, and ‘undone’ deconstructed braids, all require tresses with incredible texture to start.

OSiS+ braiding paste, perfect for any type of braids. Hair tutorial. Fishtail braids, milkmaid braids. french braids.

OSiS+ Session Label Modeling Paste is perfect for giving your hair that day old texture, allowing your hair to hold your braid of choice for a longer amount of time and taming all the frizz.

OSiS+ Session Label Modeling Paste (available a ULTA.com), is one of our favorite products to use. It’s an ideal paste for giving locks unparalleled separation aka that perfect pieceiness needed to achieve most braided ‘dos. Lanolin and Beeswax work together in this ‘braid butter’ for a strong hold, taming frizziness, without leaving hair feeling greasy. The best part about this product is that it allows your hair to still be re-moldable, providing styling control (for all those girls who like to switch up their style mid day) for a dry, natural and matte finish. Cue new braid addiction!

Our favorite braid at the moment are fishtail braids, a sleek tight fishtail braid during the day is perfect for being on the go and keeping your hair tame and chic while running errands or meeting for lunch. Transitioning into the night, a deconstructed, big effortless fishtail braid looks sexy and fun, and celebrities like Blake Lively and Selena Gomez are crazy for deconstructed fishtails on the red carpet.

Here’s a quick refresher on fishtail braiding: Divide hair into two equal sections. Take a skinny strand of hair from the outside of the left section and cross it over and add it to the right section. Repeat on the right side. Continue this process until your fishtail braid is 2 inches from the bottom. Secure with a clear hair elastic.

Blake Lively fishtail braid. Olivia Palermo fishtail braid. braids for fall. fishtail tutorial

Blake Lively and Olivia Palermo take the deconstructed fishtail braid to a whole new level of chic. (stylenoted.com)

To recreate a deconstructed fishtail braid like Blake Lively or Olivia Palermo first sweep hair over one shoulder, depending on  where you like your part, but pull it toward the side with more hair—and back-comb the crown.

By your ear, loosely begin weaving a normal three-section braid,  pull in sections and switch up the size of each piece (make some thick, some thicker, and so on).

When you are at the end of your braid, stick a bobby pin vertically into the last of the braid’s crisscrosses. Add in a few more throughout the rest of the braid, by doing this you won’t lose the shape of the braid as you start to loosen and deconstruct the ‘perfectness.’


Katia Canete studied International Relations and Mass Communications at Florida International University. She is Puerto Rican and Paraguayan and grew up in South Florida. Katia has worked for various hispanic entertainment television programs and has written for Estetica magazine.

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