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Caribbean Connection: Farruko and Sean Paul’s “Passion Whine”

Farruko partnered with rapper Sean Paul on his latest single "Passion Whine"

Puerto Rican reggaeton singer Farruko has had his share of success in the last couple of months.

He’s performed in his homeland’s legendary amphitheater, Jose Miguel Agrelot and had his song “6 AM” featuring artist J Balvin, top the Latin Airplay charts. But Farruko’s not letting any of that slow him down, while he’s excited about all the positivity surrounding his music he’s keeping the work flow going.

“I worked with Jamaican singer Sean Paul on my latest single Passion Whine,” said Farruko in an interview with Press Pass Latino.

“Working with Sean Paul was great, it was like a Caribbean connection, it’s a beautiful song to dance to and in the video we had beautiful people.”

Farruko admits though he’s not much of a dancer himself he does enjoy making music that will get people moving.

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“I’m not a dancer, really,” he laughs. “But I like to see people dancing to my music so yeah I just like to see.”

His fans, however, like to see him.

He has 8.9 million likes on Facebook and more than 300,000 Instagram followers.

“My favorite part about social media is being able to share my food, my clothes, my videos, my cars, everything just everything in my life with my fans,” said Farruko.

Farruko partnered with rapper Sean Paul on his latest single "Passion Whine"

Puerto Rican Reggaeton superstar Farruko speaks to Press Pass Latino’s Daysi Calavia-Robertson about “Passion Whine”, his latest single featuring rapper Sean Paul. (Press Pass Latino screen grab)


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