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The cast of “Everybody Wants Some” on behind-the-scenes fun

Everybody wants Some stars Blake Jenner, Ryan Guzman, Tyler Hoechlin and Will Brittain.

Hollywood heartthrobs Blake Jenner, Ryan Guzman, Will Brittain and Tyler Hoechlin star in director Richard Linklater’s (of Dazed and Confused fame) latest flick, Everybody Wants Some.


Press Pass Latino caught up with the actors at their Miami press day and found out why the 80’s-based comedy is a must-watch and what really went on behind-the-scenes on the Everybody Wants Some set, plus they talked deleted scenes and real-life bromances.



The film’s protagonist, Blake Jenner, who was born and raised in Miami, admitted to taking his fellow Everybody Wants Some cast members on a mini-tour of the city which included pit-stops in a Cuban restaurant.


“It was amazing. I got to see my family and hang out with these guys [Ryan Guzman, Tyler Hoechlin and Will Brittain] and crack jokes, we ate at Sergio’s and I told these guys they had to have some Cuban food,” said Jenner in between laughs, and it was hard to ignore that the fun-and-games dynamic between the four actors throughout our interview mirrored that of their on-screen personas.


They talk over each other, tease each other and laugh with and at each other non-stop.


Blake Jenner, Tyler Hoechlin and Ryan Guzman share a bromance in real life.

Burning Bromance: Actors Blake Jenner, Tyler Hoechlin and Ryan Guzman share a very similar dynamic in real life as they did on-screen in Everybody Wants Some. (Photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures).

“I really don’t like any of these guys,” says Ryan Guzman, while another of the boys seemingly at random yells, “Where’s my coffee?”. Jenner accuses Guzman of “cheating at everything” to which Guzman retorts “Oh no!, not this again.”


Then Will Brittain turns to Tyler Hoechlin and says, “I feel like your knee is crossing the barrier between the two chairs and we agreed…” He stops mid-sentence and grabs Guzman’s leg to use as a division between the two, and continues, “Ok, now that’s more like it.”


The real-life bromances between the actors are undeniable at this point.


But it’s all just an extension of the same playful, foolish, shenanigans audiences can witness in Everybody Wants Some, an 80’s comedy centered around a group of skirt-chasing college baseball players who live, play, fight, go out dancing and even smoke weed together.


“Filming this movie was so much fun,” said Guzman, and all the boys agree. They say the baseball scenes were among the funnest to shoot.


“I’ll tell you what was not fun,” adds Guzman. “Some scenes which didn’t make the movie.”


“Running through a party of about 100 people, when it’s like 20 degrees outside in whitey tighties and high socks, you know, you just don’t feel the most comfortable or the most manly,” said Hoechlin, who turning towards Brittain adds, “One day you will go through puberty and you’ll know what I mean.”


Ouch! but we know what he means 😉 


And though this scene didn’t make the cut, there are plenty of on-screen laughs that did. Everybody Wants Some, directed by Richard Linklater, and produced by Anapurna Pictures is currently in theaters nationwide. Check out the official movie trailer below:



Have you watched Everybody Wants Some yet? If you have, let us know your thoughts on the film below.


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