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Eminem’s Mothers Day Present: An Apology to his Mom

Eminem and Spike Lee released video "Headlights" on Mothers Day
Eminem embraces his mom

Eminem and his mom share and intimate moment, Eminem sends message to his mom in recently released song”Headlights.”(www.pitchfork.com)

Eminem’s new song and video (directed by Spike Lee), “Headlights” dropped today and what a perfect setting for a release being that today is Mother’s Day and the song has an ode of apology to his Mother.

Eminem and Spike Lee sit down to discuss video "Headlights"

Eminem and Spike Lee working on the recently released video “Headlights” (www.rap-up.com)

Eminem and his mom have what most consider more than a dysfunctional relationship. Problems with his mother have been public knowledge since most of his songs contain some sort of comment linking his mother with heavy drug use or with Eminem’s desire to kill his mom and run away.

He’s never tried to hide it, in the song ironically titled “My Mom”, the chorus speaks solely of his mother’s drug habit,

“My mom loved valium and lots of drugs
And that’s why I am like I am cause I’m like her
Because my mom loved valium and lots of drugs
That’s why I on what I on cause I’m my mom.”

Equally disturbing is the song “Cleaning out my closet”,

“Bitch do your song – keep telling yourself that you was a mom!
But how dare you try to take what you didn’t help me to get
You selfish bitch; I hope you fucking burn in hell for this shit
Remember when Ronnie died and you said you wished it was me?
Well guess what, I am dead – dead to you as can be!”

It’s safe to say, Eminem and his mother haven’t gotten along but in this new song he tries to back track and in one of the lyrics he says,

I went in headfirst; Never thinking about who what I said hurt, in what verse; My mom probably got it the worst; The brunt of it, but as stubborn as we are. Did I take it too far? Cleaning out my closet and all them other songs; But regardless I don’t hate you cause ma! You’re still beautiful to me, cause you’re my mom.”

The last line is the clincher for all you mothers out there, for all the crap we as kids give you on the daily and though it may not be to Eminem status, in the end we love our mothers with all our hearts because without you we’d be lost.

Despite his apologetic lyrics, Eminem goes on to compare his childhood and upbringing to “Vietnam”, “Desert Storm”, and “Chemical Warfare”.

It’s a far cry from the previously mentioned song, “My Mom.”

So, while its doubtful that Mrs. Mathers will be adding Em’s new song to her playlist, its good to know that at least he is taking responsibility for a lot of the problems he’s faced in his own life.

The “My Mom” singer recently opened up in a documentary and discussed his problems with prescription pain killers and talked about how an overdoes of Vicodin almost killed him.


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