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Hulu’s East Los High picked up for third season

Shows aimed at high school students are a dime a dozen but shows focusing specifically on issues faced by Latino youth are not so common. Enter Hulu’s Original Series “East Los High”.

The episode series features a group of Hispanic high schoolers falling in and out of love, finding themselves and dealing with a variety of issues involving family, financial stability and sexuality.

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“Being a part of this show is an honor,” said actress Vannessa Vasquez, who is of Mexican descent and plays Camila on East Los High in an interview with Press Pass Latino. “It’s the first of its kind and I feel like we [the cast of East Los High] are creating history and being a part of a revolution.”

Key West, Florida native Ray Diaz plays Nic on “East Los High” and agrees with Vasquez.

“The show makes it easy for Latinos to relate to us because we’re them,” he said. “We grew up speaking English at school and then Spanish at the house, it’s very exciting and honoring to be a part of this.”

Though Vasquez and Diaz are currently on a promotional tour throughout the US and attended a special screening of the first episode of Season 2 in Miami last Tuesday, Hulu has already revealed that it will pick up “East Los High” for a third season.

This means Camila and Nic still have a long road ahead of them and their roller coaster romance will keep fans entertained throughout upcoming episodes.

What can fans of “East Los High” expect to see in Season 2…and in Season 3?

“In Season 3? Wooo! We don’t even know,” said Vasquez and they both burst into laughs.

“You can expect hotter, hotter romances and hotter, hotter sex,” said Diaz. “Mystery, suspense, the works.”

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However, when it comes to playing Camila, a free spirited teen whose wild side usually gets her into trouble, Vazquez warns it’s not all fun and games.

“There’s a dark past that Camila is dealing with,” she said.

“When it comes to those scenes that are very dark, it does have a profound effect on me because sometimes I take those scenes home with me but it’s also good because it gives you a good understanding of what people who go through those relationships actually feel.”

On the other hand, Diaz says his character Nic has qualities he thinks every man should possess.

“Nicolas is a great person to come into his shoes,” he said. “He’s passionate, very ambitious and extremely caring.”

For more on Nic, Camila and the rest of the “East Los High” crew check out new episodes on Hulu.

"East Los High" was picked up by Hulu for Season 3.

Hulu’s Original Series “East Los High” features the lives of a group of Latino high school student in Los Angeles’ inner-city. (Photo Courtesy of Hulu)


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