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Meet D’Vocion Norteña: a Mexican Regional music ‘Banda’ with a twist

Meet D’Vocion Norteña, the latest Mexican Regional music ‘Banda’ on the U.S. music scene.

The group originally from Colorado is made up of five members, two, who are brothers, music director, singer, and accordion player, Daniel Anchondo, and drummer and singer, Aldo Anchondo. The other three members include best friends Carlos Lopez, who plays the bass, Ricardo Rodriguez, who plays the bass as well but also sings and Jorge Aguilar on the saxophone.

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D'Vocion Nortena is a Mexican Regional Banda group from Colorado.

Daniel Anchondo is the musical director, accordion player and singer of Mexican Regional Banda group, D’Vocion Nortena. (Courtesy of D’Vocion Nortena).

However, it’s no secret; Mexican Regional music groups trying to make it in the highly competitive banda music genre are a dime a dozen. So, what makes D’Vocion Norteña so special and so different?

“What I think makes us different from other Norteño bands out there is that even though we’re Norteño traditional we give it a touch,” explained Daniel Anchondo. “Me as the music director, I try to mix it up a little bit with los adornos musicales (musical arrangements) which are different from the other guys.”

D’Vocion Norteña is currently on a promotional tour spanning several cities throughout the country and is showcasing their latest single “Nuevo Intento”.

“Nuevo Intento” was written by Daniel three years ago but was recently recorded by the group.

“It’s a song that’s opened a lot of doors for us,” said Aldo Anchondo.

“It’s about a guy, I think we can all relate to because we’ve all been there. You go to a place and you see a beautiful girl and you can’t talk to her because you can’t find the right words to say so you decided to come back the next day and try it again and if not try three or four times until you get that number like it happened to the guy in our video.”

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While D’Vocion Norteña’s ascend to fame and success might still be in its infancy, the five members of the group, who were recently nominated to Premios de la Calle 2015 , an awards show which takes place in Rosarito, Mexico, dedicated to honoring the best in Mexican Regional banda music, all agree on one thing.

“I don’t think there will ever be a point where we’re actually going to be happy where we’re at,  we’re always going to be hard workers and as our director, my brother is always pushing us,” said Aldo.

“We’re always going to be setting bigger goals for ourselves and we’re always gonna be trying to be even bigger and continue giving our best to our public.”

D'Vocion Nortena, a mexican regional group from Colorado, is finding success on social media.

The boys from D’Vocion Nortena where all smiles and jokes during their interview with Press Pass Latino. (Video Still/ Press Pass Latino)

Even so, Daniel admits it’s sometimes challenging to have all the members of D’Vocion Norteña agree on which songs to compose, record and play, saying:

“Being in a band where there’s five of us trying to agree on something is sometimes hard because there’s so many different ideas but it’s always great because we try to put all those ideas together….However, we decided to select a music director, which is this case is me, who would have the last word ‘la ultima palabra’ ” 

And when that doesn’t work, brother Aldo jokes, “We actually just throw down, so there’s a few punches here and there and that’s how we agree on songs so if you see one of us with a black eye, now you know why.”

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In between laughs, jokes, and teasing between D’Vocion Norteña’s band members they left fans and people listening to their music for the first time with these words: In a nutshell, our music is upbeat, relatable and music for all ages.

You can follow D’Vocion Norteña on Facebook or check them out on their official website www.dvocionnortena.com.

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