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“Dumbo” takes a dip at South Florida beach

Trained Elephant gives rides for Women's 60th birthday


Beachgoers were awestruck on Saturday May 17th when they spotted a massive elephant sunbathing on the shore of North Redington Beach, Florida.


Todd Ubehagen, the man responsible for uploading the now viral video of the elephant via YouTube, decided to capture the image of the creature after noticing the presence of the elephant during an afternoon walk on the beach with his family.

“We could not believe our eyes,” said Ubehagen.


However, the presence of the elephant at the beach was not due to fact that it escaped a-la-Madagascar but because it was brought in by Claudia McCorkle as entertainment for her 60th birthday party.


WFTL reports that McCorkle had approached the town’s commissioners in February to approve her request of having a trained animal present at her beach home on the date of her birthday.


As evidenced by Ubehagen statement it appears that the request was indeed approved, “There was a professional elephant trainer there and a couple of police officers for the event It looked like somebody was having a party (private) at the beach house, and the elephant was giving rides as well to the guests.”


Sounds like the kind of party we want to go to, we hope they can invite us next time.



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