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Super fan dreams of limited edition “Selena Quintanilla for MAC” line

Selena Quintanilla limited editon collection made by MAC Cosmetics might be in the works
Selena Quintanilla limited editon collection made by MAC Cosmetics might be in the works

Selena Quintanilla fans have started a petition urging lead cosmetics line MAC Cosmetics to produce a “Selena Quintanilla for MAC” limited edition collection. (Photo Courtesy of instagram.com/josefigz)

A MAC lipstick inspired by late Tejano music singer Selena Quintanilla? Now, there’s an idea we could fall in love with!

And an idea this cool could only have been dreamed up by one of Selena Quintanilla’s most loyal fans. Under the profile name Selena Quintanilla Fans, a super fan whose name is not disclosed, started a petition on website Change.org requesting that MAC Cosmetics create a “Selena Quintanilla for MAC” limited edition collection.

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The petition’s initial goal was to reach a total of 5,000 supporters but has already tripled that number. As of now, 15,000 plus backers have already signed it and the demand for lead cosmetics line MAC to create a series of products in Selena Quintanilla’s name is growing exponentially.

Her fan base has taken to social media outlets Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to express their excitement about the possible creation of a limited edition “Selena Quintanilla for MAC” line, produced exclusively for them, the deceased Latina star’s loyal followers.

They’ve connected and shown support for this original campaign by using the hashtag #SELENAQUINTANILLAforMAC and posting selfies with their favorite MAC lipstick, eye shadow or blush and tagging @MACCosmetics in order to get the company’s attention.

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Selena who was a budding fashion icon, created her own clothing line and opened a Texas-based boutique, salon and clothing store named Selena etc. in 1994.

Had she still been alive today it wouldn’t be shocking if Selena, known for her trademark smile, red lipstick and entrepreneurial spirit, had moved on to other projects including a cosmetics line created with Latinas in mind.

Despite having died in March of 1995, the Selena Quintanilla Fans page on Change.org claims that “Her music is still being played and is as relevant today as when she was alive” and that “Selena Quintanilla is an iconic legend in our community and would she be alive, she’d be a perfect MAC girl!”

In Corpus Christi, Texas, Selena Quintanilla’s hometown, a plan to hold a huge fiesta celebrating the singer’s extraordinary life was announced for later this year. If the petition for the “Selena Quintanilla for MAC” limited edition collection provokes the production of a MAC Cosmetics product series Quintanilla’s fans will have much more to celebrate.

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We want to know what you think. Which products would you want to see on MAC’s shelf? What’s your favorite Selena Quintanilla make-up look?
We’ll be excited if MAC backs this idea, you know, anything for Selenas!


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