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Chef Doreen Colondres and Pork Te Inspira help the less fortunate

Puerto Rican celebrity chef Doreen Colondres wants to give back this holiday season and she’s ready to show Latino families one simple way they can do the same.


Colondres, a regular on Spanish-language television cooking segments such as Univision’s morning show Despierta America and author of The Kitchen Doesn’t Bite cookbook, recently partnered with the National Pork Board, to donate pork to needy families.


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Doreen Colondres is the author of The Kitchen Doesn't Bite cookbook.

Chef Doreen Colondres has partnered with the National Pork Board and Pork Te Inspira to help the less fortunate this holiday season. (Photo by Omar Cruz courtesy of Doreen Colondres)


The National Pork Board, an organization which aims to  “build a bright future for the pork industry through research, promotion and education”, and its initiative, targeting Hispanics, Pork Te Inspira, will donate one pound of pork for each brand-related post shared by users on their social media accounts.


“The holidays are all about giving,” said Colondres, 39, in an interview with Press Pass Latino.


“That’s why I think this is a beautiful campaign, users can visit the Pork Te Inspira website and read digital cards with very inspirational messages and share those cards, the more people share those cards on social media, the more pork we’re going to donate.”


Colondres explains that the pork donated to a local charity will then go to several families, who will enjoy “a wonderful and flavorful holiday dinner, thanks to all of the public’s support.” 


Colondres’ La Cocina no Muerde and it’s English-language counterpart The Kitchen Doesn’t Bite were published by Random Penguin House in June and achieved best seller status while still in pre-sales.


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Despite first having studied Business Marketing in her homeland, Colondres gave in to her real passion, cooking, nine years ago, when she decided to make a career out of her hobby and attend culinary schools in California, Florida, New York and later Spain.


Doreen Colondres author of The Kitchen Doesn't Bite is the celebrity chef for Pork te Inspira.

Doreen Colondres: “When I was growing up, cooking was like my religion.” (Courtesy of Doreen Colondres)

“For Hispanics, food is everything,” she said. “We love food! and we love flavor! Parties in my home were always centered around the kitchen and it was always that way, I remember when I was growing up, cooking was like my religion.”


“And Pork! I always loved Pork!,” she added enthusiastically. “I think it really doesn’t matter if you’re Mexican or from the Caribbean, all Hispanics love pork and when it comes to the holidays I think pork might just be the most important guest at every celebration.”


Colondres stresses the important role food plays in Hispanic traditions and the special family memories which can be made around the stove.

“It’s not only the time that we spend cooking but it’s also the time that we later spend sharing the food on the table so, it’s all about putting some love in there,” said Colondres.


“And that’s what we want to give the families that receive the pork that we will donate, so please remember to pick your favorite card and let’s make it happen.”


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